News of the week – Super Baby Metal


DJ Shadow is releasing a new album titled The mountain will fall and Run the Jewels raps on one of the song. The album will come out on Mass Appeal on 24th June. Although i really love Run the Jewels, Shadow seems as uninspired as ever.

A remastered version of Converge‘s You fail me will be out on Epitaph soon. The newly founded Deathwish Europe (managed by Throatruiner Records, no less) will take care of the European side of things. The title track is streaming via Lambgoat.

Cough has put a new song online from Still they pray soon to be released via Relapse Records.

A new Withered song is streaming via Stereogum. The band’s new album, Grief relic, will be available via Season of Mist on 27th May.

Another Gruesome song is streaming off the Dimensions of horror EP. Relapse will release it on 20th May.

Listen to one song from Oddisee‘s new album, The odd tape, and enjoy a new instrumental from one of the best producer and composer around at the moment. The new album will be released on 13th May via Mello Music Group.

New songs from Fissure and Shackles are streaming from a split they are about to share. Goodness for fans of power violence and fastcore.

Thrice is streaming a new song from To be everywhere is to be nowhere. The album will be released via Vagrant on 27th May.

Full albums

Grave Miasma‘s Endless pilgrimage is streaming in full.

Wrong is streaming their new album.

In other news

Wolves in the Throne Room is re-releasing Diadem of twelve stars on their own label, Artemisia.

Kylesa is going on hiatus. This band always seemed bored on stage so it’s no surprise to me that they would go on pause. In fact, I would have expected them to come to that decision at least three to four years ago.

Chino Moreno (Deftones) is involved in yet another group with members of Bad Brains, among others. A preview is available via Lambgoat and can be downloaded with bittorent.

Super Unison is the new band by the ex singer from Punch who just signed to Deathwish. Their previous EP is streaming via bandcamp.

Code Orange announced it signing to Roadrunner Records.

Hierophant is going to record it’s new album with Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues).

Music videos

Cvlt nation has found Nine Inch Nails‘ Broken video online in it’s full banned version. The clip is extremely gory and was banned for a reason so proceed with caution.

The first single from J Dilla‘s new solo album is finally out and it features Nas on the second verse on a production by Madlib.

Death Angel has a new video for all fans of Bay Area Thrash.

Angel Du$t (Trapped Under Ice) has a new music video.

Eternal Sleep has now it’s first music video. Lucky them!


Baby Metal are now featured in the video game Super Mario Maker.

Richard Patrick (Filter) will compose the music for a new movie called True crimes staring Jim Carrey.


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