[Article] Mr Pickles – The most Metal dog there ever was

Mr Pickles is the name of a dog who stars in his own cartoon show created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart. Created as a parody of Lassie, the hero dog, Mr Pickles does not save everyone. He only cares about a little boy who give him pickles, his favorite treat. While he is saving the kid or eating, Mr Pickles does what your typical murderer does, causing mayhem and destruction everywhere as well as bringing back some of his victims in his dungeon underneath his kennel.

If this sounds strange, wait until you see the show, an accumulation of over-the-top gore and amoral action animated crudely to keep up the pace with the hundreds of ideas the duo comes up with. However, Mr Pickles isn’t just about gore and also pokes fun at many of society’s ills such as racism, political corruption and authority figures in general. There isn’t much that Mr Pickles doesn’t attack and you can even recognize the creator’s distaste in the dog’s choice of victims. Basically, Mr Pickles is to animation what Gwar was for Metal in the late 80s and mid 90s, punks ready to offend anyone and anyone for a laugh and a little bit of « political » awareness.

What also links Mr Pickles to Metal is his it’s opening intro, a Simpson style fast forward through Mr Pickles’ town powered by a Death metal song wrote by comedian and composer Mark Rivers with lyrics sung by both creators. Although they both sport beards and long hair, Rivers is far from a Metal musician. However, Stewart does not hide the fact that he is friend with musicians from Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan and Gwar, which is completely unsurprising considering the tone of the show.

What is even more Metal is the show’s sense of humour. Much like Cannibal Corpse or Stormtroopers of Death, Mr Pickles uses brutal acts of violence for fun. The blood-splattered adventure of this murderous dog lead him to commit atrocities unimaginable by reasonable minds but that are made to laugh rather than scare. Everything is over the top and the simple fact that it’s a happy dog that delivers the sentence makes the whole thing ludicrous and even sometime adorable if these acts are committed to prevent the dog’s owner from being hurt or killed by the numerous madmen and women who lives in his home town.

Now in it’s second season, the parody has become its own story with each characters being developed slowly during each ten minute episodes. From horror to comedy, Mr Pickles‘ creators have fun a perfect balance that a show like Metalocalypse, a show about a Death metal band, struggled to attain. One of Adult Swim’s best and a must for any Metal fan who ever wondered what could have happened if Will Coyote‘s creator, Tex Avery, ever listened to Cannibal Corpse.


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