News of the week – Limp Bizkit and the crowded petrol station


Gojira‘s new album will be called Magma and be released on 17th June via Roadrunner Records.

A new single composed of two tracks from Under the Church (ex. Nirvana 2002) will be available via Pulverized Records in May.

Rapper YC the Cynic is letting go of his moniker to become Kemba and to conclude this period of his artistic life he has released a Farewell tape. The artists describes it as « The last thing I’m releasing as YC The Cynic. It’s a compilation of some of my favorite moments, verses, and unreleased songs, all tied together by a quick summary of how I came to be« .

Gone is Gone (At the Drive-In, Mastodon, ex. Failure) is streaming a full song.

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (Scott Kelly, Sanford Parker, Bruce Lamont, Mike IX Williams) have a new song streaming.

Power violence heavy weight Sex Prisoner have finally released a song from their album Tannhauser gate.

Weekend Nachos‘ new song from the upcoming swan song Apology is streaming via Lambgoat. The album will be released via Relapse Records on 20th May.

UK death metal titan Grave Miasma have a new song out from their upcoming EP Endless pilgrimage scheduled via Profound Lore.

Full albums

Nomads (ex. ACxDC, Despise You) first album, Love it or leave it, is streaming in full via Noisey.

Icelandic black metallers Svartidaudi have a new EP out with only two songs which you can listen below.

In other news

Oathbreaker has finished recording their new album.

Live shows

Nails will be touring in Europe with Full of Hell in November.

ACxDC will perform at the Black Heart in London with Gets Worse on the 12th June.

A professionally filmed video of The Dillinger Escape Plan performing at last year’s Arc’tan’gent festival is available.

Music videos

Gojira have released a new video.

Old Wounds has put together a video of them rocking in basement all over the world.

If you want to reminisce about your old metalcore days or just catch up with Unearth, here is their latest video.

Last year’s controversy around the beatdown Suburban Scum‘s singer delivered to another band member after being pushed in a pit by said band member has not slowed down his in their intention to bring the mosh.

Broken Teeth is also here to bring the windmills to the dancefloor.

Action Bronson‘s affiliate, Meyhem Lauren, has a new music video filmed during the shooting of Bronson‘s food show Fuck that’s delicious.

Homeboy Sandman is fighting big mouthed people in his new video.


A brilliant hoax has managed to bring a crowd of Limp Bizkit fans at a petrol station in the US in the hope of seeing a gig or just of spending a night shouting lyrics at strangers. Either way, seems like a good number of people had fun.

Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man) has composed the theme to a show called Punisher (not related to the Marvel character of the same name). He also shows up in this episode with Mutoid Man‘s bass player Nick Cageo.


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