[Mixtape] Temples Fest 2016 – Some of the bands you should not miss

Despite having the most arrogant community manager that I have ever seen, the Temples Fest can still afford to treat his fans with condensation because everybody wants to join in the party. Once again, the bill assembled by the team who manage the festival is one, if not the most impressive, that England will have this year for extreme metal and hardcore. With cult headliners like Mayhem, Grave, the Melvins and Carcass, the bill goes to black metal to death metal and noise rock without any transition.

The Temples fest has understood that the key to success is to be open to different genres and get the artists that have the finger on the pulse of what music fans are into. Therefore, you get the godfather of norwegian black metal, Mayhem, rubbing shoulders with the new kids on the block of war metal, Pissgrave, and New York hardcore legends Sheer Terror showing up with punk luminaries Chaos Punk, all in the first day of the fest!

To help you decide where to go and what do, or even to buy a ticket or not, here is a long playlist with many of the most awaited acts of this festival. Listen to them all on Playmoss.



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