[Article] Electro VS Metal – Four collaborations that should happen

When people will think of 2016, one word that will certainly come back to people’s minds is collaboration. Since everything always comes back to the Melvins, let’s remember that they were first in the collaboration game with their albums recorded with Lustmord or Jello Biafra (ex. Dead Kennedys) but it probably took the success of SunnO))) and the ever changing nature of their carrier thanks to the many guest musicians on each record, for the idea to sink in most heavy bands and get the « trend » started. The word trend is in between quotation marks because it is highly unlikely that this « new » idea will stop being interesting to artists. It is even surprising to have waited so long for the act to become remarkable. From Jazz to Rap, collaborating with different musicians has always been the norm. Still, most recent pairing have been with artists in the field of heavy music (The Body and Full of Hell, Julie Christmas and Cult of Luna), which begs the question: How long before heavy musicians start spreading their wings a bit more. The Body has already worked with the dark ambient composer The Haxan Cloak on I shall die here but the field of electronic music has much more to offer to heavy bands and this small wish list will only attempt to demonstrate this.

Godflesh and Prurient

Since both artists have toured together in 2015, this collaboration could technically happen. It is also very likely that both are fans of each other. In my opinion, Prurient could add even more humanity to Godflesh‘s mechanical sound with it’s more free form approach to noise while still retaining the bludgeoning and suffocating textures of Birmingham’s finest. Although it is maybe too much to ask for a full album, maybe a remix album could be feasible?

Meshuggah and Autechre

Considering how slow the Swedes and the British are to record their own albums, this collaboration will probably only happen if a fan decides to put his mind to it. However, Meshuggah are fans of Autechre and Squarepusher and Tomas Haake has been on record saying that he considers Meshuggah‘s music to be more electronic than metal. Therefore, it would make sense for them to collaborate on something. Meshuggah‘s heavily fractured sound would fit perfectly with the minimalist inflections of Autechre‘s beats and bring both group to a new level of creativity. One man can dream I guess.

SunnO))) and The Bug

This one is very unlikely to happen for the simple reason that despite Kevin Martin‘s (ex. Techno Animal and Ice, both project with Justin Broadrick from Godflesh) passion for SunnO))) music, Greg Anderson has listened to Martin‘s music and has declared to not be a fan, which is a shame because the two have a lot in common. The Bug‘s set are also famous for pushing the boundaries of what is supposed to be a reasonable volume and both play cyclic music. Plus, The Bug has recorded a 12″ with Dylan Carson, the man without which SunnO))) would not exist! In the meantime, we are still waiting for The Bug‘s collaboration with The Body. They are working on it but nobody knows when it will come out.

Blut Aus Nord and SHXCXCHCXSH

Not only do I not know if one of these musicians are familiar with the other’s music, but they could not even recognize each other in the street if they happened to pass each other by since no clear pictures exist of each group of musicians. The irony is that the two share not only an interest for anonymity but also for bleak musical landscapes powered by multi-layered textures of cold sound and crushing beats. Each do it in their own way but they would have much to talk about and compose together.


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