News of the week – The potato of destiny


Inter Arma have a new song streaming and it sounds bloody good. You can look forward to hear the album Paradise gallows on 8th July via Relapse Records.

Hatebreed has released a new song from The concrete confessional scheduled for 13th May via Nuclear Blast.

An excerpt from Gorguts‘ upcoming one song EP, the 33 minute long Pleiades dust is streaming. The EP is scheduled for 13th May via Season of Mist.

A new Gruesome (Exhumed) song is streaming off the Dimensions of horror EP. The description is nerdy as hell, although no as nerdy as the liner notes of the new Nile album that manages to merge Egyptian history and Transformers.

A new Death Angel song off The evil divide is streaming before the album’s release on 27th May via Nuclear Blast.

Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man) has released a ZZ Top cover.

Full albums

Graves at Sea‘s new album is streaming in full via Bandcamp.

Filter‘s new album is called Crazy eyes and it’s streaming in full. Richard Patrick and co will tour Europe in June and finish in London on the 3rd July at Heaven with Combichrist, which should be a surprise to no one who listens to this album considering how industrial it sounds (and in a good way).

Mariner (Cult of Luna + Julie Christmas from Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice)’s first LP is streaming and it’s well worth a listen.

In other news

Japanese screamo legends Envy has lost their vocalist, Tetsuya Fukagawa. I can’t say i’m sad to see him go. I have always preferred the Envy of the first two albums rather than their more recent output, mostly because the vocals seemed dry compared to the overwhelming sorrow of the first recording. My theory is that the vocals on their first albums were genuine cries whereas he then started to feel better but continued to scream nonetheless. Now, I’m not one to wish the worst to someone I don’t know, but I hope they’ll find a replacement that has something to feel bad about.

A389 Records’ boss teased on instagram a new vinyl release by Seven Sisters of Sleep.

Meanwhile, the new Young and in the Way / Gatecreeper split EP just got released on that same label.

Kayo Dot are going to release a new album titled Plastic house on base of sky on 24th June via The Flenser.

Trap Them has finished recording their new album with Kurt Ballou (Converge).

Meshuggah posted on facebook a picture of a microphone in front of a drum kit so one can only assume that they’re recording something. I know, that’s some quality reporting right here.

Live shows

Converge is playing in London on Wednesday their Blood moon set and you can see some footage of their reherseal with Chelsea Wolfe here.

Destiny Potato will be touring the UK… Now, I’m sure non one who reads this blog cares about their music but I just wanted to remind everybody that there is an actual band who willingly called themselves Destiny Potato. That is all.

Music videos

A lot of stuff got released this week, starting with Black Cobra.

And followed by Kvelertak.

As well as Baroness.

And if you want a change after all this beard metal, here is the new Behemoth video.


Babymetal was live on Colbert‘s Late show and their performance is well worth watching. Also, have you heard their latest single, Karate? This band is going to be huge!

Generation Kill (ex. Exodus frontman Rob Dukes new band) and DMC (from Run DMC) have teamed up in a project called Fragile Mortals.

Rapper and producer Black Milk has a new instrumental jazz album coming up and it sounds excellent.


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