News of the week – Silveria for Trump, or the opposite


Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral are streaming a new song from Where shadows forever reign.

A new Primitive Weapon song is available to stream via Metal Sucks. The song is off The future of death.

A new Cough song is streaming via Bandcamp. Their new album Still they pray will be out on 3rd June via Relapse Records.

It’s really hard to pronounce their name but it’s worth it to listen to their music. Shammasch is streaming a new song off Triangle scheduled for 29th April release via Prosthetic Records.

Interment‘s new album Scent of the buried is now available so enjoy a song from it.

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (Sanford Parker and Scott Kelly) are streaming a song via Lambgoat before the release of their debut EP on 22nd April

Ode to the flame is the name of the new Mantar album and a song is streaming off it before it’s release on 15th April via Nuclear Blast.

Wrong has a new song streaming from their upcoming LP via Relapse Records.

A new Death Angel song is streaming from The evil divide scheduled for 27th May via Nuclear Blast.

Full albums

You can stream Child Bite‘s new album via Lambgoat.

Bossk‘s new album, Audio noir, is streaming via The PRP.

In other news

Martin Henriksson is quitting Dark Tranquility, a band he helped to create.

Slash and Duff McKagan are apparently back in Guns and Roses. I give them a year before they realize the money isn’t good enough to justify being with Axl Rose again.

This is cover of the forthcoming four way split between Homewrecker, Gatecreeper, Outerheaven and Scorched Earth. The EP will be out on 24th June via Melotov and can be pre-ordered via Deathwish.

Baptists are almost done writing their new album.

Live shows

Turnstile will be back in Europe with Backtrack during the month of June but no UK shows for now.

Norma Jean will be touring the UK and a bit of Europe in May and June.

Cattle Decapitation will be touring Europe in June.

Boysetfire has announced its decision to take a break after these shows.

Music videos

The most innovative music video of the week comes from shoegazer Nothing.

Sourvein has a new video.

Rapper Aesop Rock is back with a new video for a touching song about his brothers. Excellent stuff, as always.

Speaking of excellent stuff, here is the opposite with American Head Charge‘s new video.

Oh my god, why?!

David Silveria (ex. Korn drummer) is apparently a Trump supporter and now his ex band mate in Infinika (ex. Anyone) claims he kicked him out of the band when he realized that.


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