News of the week – Back flipping drummer


A new Deftones song is streaming via Sirus XM.

A first song from Dave Lombardo (ex. Slayer) and members of The Locust‘s new band, Dead Cross, is streaming via Rolling Stones.

A new song by Cobalt taken from the new album Slow forever is streaming via Invisible Oranges with an interview with mastermind Charlie Fell.

UK Brutal Death Metal band Mithras have a new song out before the release of their new album, On strange loops.

Broken Teeth have signed to Nuclear Blast and have a new song out coming through At peace amongst chaos scheduled for 6th May.

Full albums

The new album from Black Shape of Nexus, Carrier, is streaming via Cvlt nation.

The Body‘s new album, No one deserves happiness, is streaming via Bandcamp.

Convulse‘s new album, Cycle of revenge, is now streaming via Invisible Oranges.

In other news

Jim Ward (Sparta) will not be touring with At the Drive In, making the tour not so much of a reunion tour.

Trap Them are recording new music with Kurt Ballou. Hopefully the result will be better than their latest album.

Mastodon have begun working on a new one too.

Hark (ex. Taint) will get to work on a new album this fall.

Live shows

A minute long extract from a collaboration between Converge and the group of musicians they have assembled for their exclusive Blood moon set (Chelsea Wolfe, Stephen Brodsky) is available via Facebook.

Black Breath and Turnstile will tour separately in June in Europe.

Blacklisted will play in London at the Underworld on the 31st July.

A full live video of All Out War‘s set at This is Hardcore is streaming thanks to Hate 5 Six.

Music videos

The Body and Full of Hell have a haunting new music video.

Slayer‘s new video is NSFW apparently.

Oh my god, but why?!

The drummer from Night Verses demonstrates, with the help of a go-pro, what it feels like to do a back flip while playing drums.


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