News of the week – Touche Amore meets Slipknot


Following a blog post where a female fan of Baroness told how she was sexually assaulted at a show, the band took a stand against sexism by expressing their distaste of such behavior. A small thought but a nice one that more bands should be expressing if we want to see more diversity at shows.

Bolt Thrower is not done according to frontman Karl Willetts but for now most of Bolt Thrower is focusing on a new old school death metal band called Memoriam with members of Sacrilege and Benediction.

Hesitation Wound, a super group that includes the singer from Touche Amore and the drummer from Slipknot, have a new song streaming. Awake from everything will be out on 27th May via 6131 Records.

Suburban Scum, the band that could have won the « most hated hardcore band of 2015 » (if there was such an award) is back with two new song and a live song. Their new album will be called Ultimate annihilation and Justice from Trapped Under Ice and Angel Du$t guest on one song.

Speaking of Justice, a new Angel Du$t song is streaming. Their new album Rock the fuck on forever will be released on 20th May via Pop Wig Records.

A new song from Piss Vortex‘s forthcoming EP Future cancer is streaming via Svbterranean. The EP will be out on 1st April.

A first song from Kvelertak‘s upcoming album is streaming. Nattesferd will be released on 13th May via Roadrunner.

A new Graves at Sea is streaming off The curse that is via Cvlt nation. The album is scheduled via 20th April via Relapse Records.

A new song from Interment is streaming via Invisible Oranges. Scent of the buried will be released on 1st April via Dark Descent Records.

Like Rats (Weekend Nachos) are streaming a new song from their upcoming II album scheduled for 25th March via Southern Lord. The song is now streaming via Lambgoat.

A B-side off Black Tusk‘s latest album Pillars of ash (reviewed here) is streaming via New Noise Magazine.

A new Primitive Weapons song is streaming online via Stereogum from their next album, The future of death, scheduled for 15th April via Party Smasher Inc.

France’s Sludge Black metal behemoth Glorior Belli have a new song taken from their upcoming album The flock that welcomes scheduled for 6th May via Agonia Records.

A new Sourvein song is streaming off Aquatic occult via The PRP. The album will be released on 8th April.

Full albums

Creation is Crucifixion is back! Or apparently they never left. The band that made The Dillinger Escape Plan sound like NoFX is planning to release some unreleased material and a live set via Robotic Empire. Antenna Builder + Rerecorded Splits / Live In Geneva is now out and you can stream the material via bandcamp. The band also promises to play live at least once this year and is working on new material.

Killswitch Engage‘s new album, Incarnate, is now streaming.

Wormed‘s new album is now streaming in full for all fans of technical death metal. The future kings of the genre!

In other news

Down have decided to cancel all their European shows, including their show at the Hellfest, because of the racist outburst from Phil Anselmo.

Ulcerate has announced that they will start recording a new album in a month.

In addition to their Blood moon shows, Converge will play in Europe with Harm’s Way and Gold.

Live shows

Blacklisted will play in London at the Underworld on the 31st July.

UK Stoner legends Orange Goblin will tour the UK during the month of October.

Music videos

The Body has finally released a new music video. Their latest interview with Fact mag is particularly interesting.

Napalm Death have yet another single from their latest album.

Swedish hardcore sludge Grieved have a new music video.

Experimental rap group Dälek is back with a new video.

If you’re craving some solid metalcore, Architects have released a new single.

French tech brutal death metal unit Gorod has a new video.

Kaada and Mike Patton have a new video to promote their new collaborative LP.


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