[Live Report] Netherland Deathfest – Day two (Pig Destroyer, Aosoth, Wormed)


With a bill being mostly focused on Death metal, this festival was bound to have some slower moments for me, and this time was the festival’s second day. Now, don’t get me wrong, i love extreme metal, but there is a limit to my taste in the genre and not every band selected by the organisation behind the festival fitted my taste

Therefore, despite a very solid start on the main stage with Cruciamentum, and an effective performance from Angelcorpse (good sound, good musician but not much excitement) it took me until 20:00 to finally get into the festival spirit. Before that I still witnessed some solid performance by Abigail, the japanese Motorhead who known how to rock but don’t have much to offer, and a rare performance from Flesh Parade who played a competent but involving set, as if we were witnessing one of the band’s rehearsal.

Pig Destroyer really brought the house down with an amazing performance full of grinding songs and face melting riffs. Much like Agoraphobic Nosebleed‘s yesterday, Scott Hull’s other bunch took over the stage and made it theirs. Kat from Agoraphobic Nosebleed (and ex. Salome) also came to sing on the song Eve, written for her by J.R. Hayes. Interestingly, but sadly, she was one of three woman to perform during the festival. Not a big victory for diversity.

Dodecahedron followed on the second stage but failed to recreate the exceptional and original sound they have created on their album by performing like any metal band. A shame for such an original band. Aosoth on the opportunity took over the Patronaat with their orthodox black metal and performed a blazing set of powerful Black metal. Even by standing near the door it was impossible to deny their power!

I then skipped Revenge for personal/political reason (but was told the set was not too remarkable anyway) and only came back for Wormed. The spanish troup has apparently been all around the world and it shows in the precision they put into their show. Each song of their mechanical and futuristic brutal Death metal is announced by a robotic feminine voice and every note is pulled with so much precision that it seems to be processed to the maximum to create the biggest impact. With a collection of short songs and a passion for pulverizing audiences, Wormed seemed destined for bigger things and bigger crowds as the large number of fans and curious spectateors found difficulties to fit into the Second stage at 23:15.


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