News of the week – Back from the sickness

My apologies for the absence of news last week but not only was I busy because of the Netherland Deathfest but I felt sick on the way back and was not able to do much. Now, let’s get back on track!

New music

American Black metal monster Cobalt is streaming a new song from their upcoming album coming out via Profound Lore.

UK Death metal royalty Grave Miasma have a new song streaming via Stereogum. The EP Endless pilgrimage is scheduled for the 06th May via Profound Lore.

Jason Netherton of Misery Index has a new band with plenty of musicians from other bands (Gwar, All that Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder). They call themselves Asphalt Graves and their debut album called The new primitive will be out via Vitriol Records (founded by members of Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb).

Jorge Herrera (drummer for ACxDC and Despise You) wants to play more punk rock so he has joined a new band with ex members of Product of Waste and Minority Unit under the name Nomads. Love it or leave it will be out on 22nd April via Melotov Records.

Child Bite is streaming another song from Negative noise. The song is streaming via Lambgoat.

Black Black Black has a new song out on the interweb from their debut album. Altered states of death and grace will be released by one of band’s member label, Aqualamb Records, on 25th March.

Withered is finally streaming a new song. This excellent extreme metal band (black and death metal with some Mastodon like drumming) is finally releasing a new album called Grief relic via Season of Mist on 27th May. The song is streaming via Lambgoat.

Another new Rotten Sound song is streaming from Abuse to suffer. The album will come out via 25th March via Season of Mist.

Full albums

Pelican is giving away, for the price you want, a live album recorded last year.

Wolvserpent is streaming Aporia:Kala:Ananta. The album is out now via Relapse Records.

Church of Misery‘s And then there were none (featuring Scott Carlson of Repulsion) is now streaming via The PRP.


UK Death metal band Slugdge have signed to Willowtip Records.

In other news

Reign Supreme are breaking up.

Deathcore continues to go further down the same path as nu metal as Suicide Silence chooses Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit) as the producer of their new album.

Young and in the Way and Gatecreeper will be sharing a split. The bands will cover respectively Pentagram and Candlemass. The EP will be out via A389 Records.

Meanwhile, The Obsessed (led by Wino from Spirit Caravan and St Vitus, among other projects) is back.

Power Trip have finished recording their new album and it will be called Nightmare logic.

Lord Mantis are back with a new EP called NTW scheduled for 29th April via New density.

Live shows

Municipal Waste will play in Europe during the month of June and the beginning of July.

Baltmore punk hardcore legend Ruiner will be back on stage for the This is Hardcore festival.

Music videos

Tombs (ex. Anodyne) is back with a new EP and a new video.

Yes, they are still making new music, and they have a new music video.

Because i’m midly curious, here is the new Filter video. Beware, it starts with an unskippable add.

Here is some acoustic footage from Myrkur who will be touring Europe with Deafheaven.

A complete live show of Failure‘s reunion show in Los Angeles in 2014 is online.


A first extract from the forthcoming documentary about grindcore, Slave to the grind, is online with an interview with none other than Barney Greenway (Napalm Death, ex. Benediction).

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