[Shows] What bands you should not miss at the Netherland Deathfest?

The first edition of the Netherland Deathfest will finally take place this week. The festival is the first installment of a new franchise for the world renowned Maryland Deathfest who will be taking over, with the same crew, the now defunct Neurotic Deathfest but with a more varied bill. Including bands such as Infest and Doom, the Deathfest takes its roots in the whole of extreme punk and metal music to create one of the most awaited bill for all fans of metal and hardcore in Europe. Where else could you find Drop Dead, Infest, Autopsy or Asphyx in the same place? However, there isn’t just some cult bands in this festival but also some newer bands, as well as more obscure but fantastic live acts. This small list will give some clue as to how early you should get to the festival ground, or who not to miss following their appearance at the NDF.


Although their latest album, Misanthropy, does not feature any song below the one minute mark, Teethgrinder is a ferocious grindcore band in the vein of Gadget and Fuck the Facts that amateurs of the genre should not miss, as long as they can take a band that sounds nothing like Brutal Truth or Napalm Death.


For all fans of early Brutal Truth and Napalm Death, there is always Blockheads. The French grindcore legends are showing no sign of slowing down, which is quite impressive since they started in 1992, so more than twenty years ago! Their latest album is three years old now but it’s a scorcher that should be listened by all fans of hyper fast blasting.


These british death metallers are already cult for many death metal enthusiast since the release of their two EPs. Their first album only consolidated their reputation as one of the most impressive death doom act and their live shows have constantly improved despite very sporadic appearance in the United Kingdom and abroad. This is Cruciamentum time now, so don’t miss them.


Deathspell Omega have become very quiet for a few years now but others have followed in their path to create truly progressive black metal. Dodecahedron is one of them but their approach is also reminiscent of the days of industrial black metal when The Axis of Perdition and Blut Aus Nord ruled the underground. However, don’t be mistaken by the use of the past, Dodecahedron is definitely a band with all its feet deeply rooted in the present and their eyes set on the future of extreme metal.


Formed by members of Exhumed to express their love or Death’s Scream bloody gore and Leprosy, Gruesome are fans of the old school death metal sound and make no excuse about it. With only a brilliant album they have demonstrated their mastery of the heritage of Chuck Schuldiner and co but without any risk or going all wanky and technical on everyone.


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