News of the week – I offer my apologies to Killswitch Engage


Primitive Weapon have a new track streaming via NPR off The future of death scheduled for 15th April via Party Smasher Inc, The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s inprint.

A new Inverloch (ex. dISEMBOWELMENT) song is streaming via Lambgoat. Distance Collapsed will come out via Relapse Records.

Invisible Oranges is streaming a new song from Rorcal. κρέων will be out on 25th March via various labels.

Ringworm and Early Graves are sharing a split where they are covering songs by Motorhead and Celtic Frost. The 7″ will be out on 22nd April via Creator Destructor Records.

Head Wound City (ex. The Blood Brothers, The Locust) have a new song streaming off A new wave of violence, recorded by producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit) and scheduled for 13th May via Vice Records.

Full albums

You can listen to Black Cobra‘s Imperium simulacra via The PRP.

Signatures and recordings

Frameworks have announced their signing to Deathwish Inc. The screamo/post-hardcore band have just released a 7″ via Topshelf Records.

Die Young is signing to Good Fight while Broken Teeth is signing to Nuclear Blast.

Crowbar has begun the recording of a new album. The Dillinger Escape Plan is also doing the same.

In other news

The Wall Street Journal has published an excellent article about the globalization of metal culture.

Dave Lombardo (ex. Slayer) has landed a gig playing for Suicidal Tendencies on their next tour. Good for him!

Live Shows

Toby Driver (Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well) will be doing a solo tour in Europe. He will play in London on the 5th March alongside Caïna.

Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb will tour Europe in July and August. A London show will take place at the DIY space for London on 06th August.

Power Trip have confirmed their European tour.

Music videos

This surprisingly good song comes from Killswitch Engage who, I’ve come to realize, are not so bad after all.

Entombed A.D. are also back with a new video.

Ghost Bath have a new music video to go with their recent signature to Nuclear Blast. Fans of Deafheaven and Weakling should pay attention to this lot.

In other news, one of the best indie rapper there is, Aeosop Rock, has a new music video from his new album The impossible kid.

The Black Dahlia Murder is pushing the alarm to Threat level number 3.

Oh my god, why?!

I will be the first to defend Tonight, the stars revolt! by Powerman 5000 but that does not mean that I am blind (or deaf) enough to think this song is anything near good. At least, the singer is intelligent enough to not mix this with his main gig, even if there isn’t much to do to save his reputation.


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