[Albums] Magrudergrind – II


No, after six years since their last album, Magrudergrind hasn’t lost anything that made their grindcore so powerful and relentless. In fact, it barely feels like six years have passed since their self titled album and the Crusher EP. Even though it’s Magrudergrind third album, II deserves it’s name since it’s the perfect follow up to the self titled and takes things one step further in intensity and dynamism. The days of Rehashed are long gone, it’s time for more grindcore mixed with power violence breaks.

Kurt Ballou is once again behind the mixing board so the overall sound is virtually identical to the one on the self titled. In a similar fashion to the new Star Wars, everything feels very familiar to reassure their fans that they have not lost the plot. There is no Jar Jar Binks on this album, and no bad CGI. In fact, the album is so dedicated to putting the music forward that no sample can be found on the album, a staple of the self titled that provided some context to the theme of the songs and also some comic relief (« Repeat after me bitch, I come in the name of Jesus you know… »).

On II the song come so fast one after another that it’s still a bit hard to separate each one after a few listens. However, it does not lessen the impact of the overall album. II feels like being stuck in a mosh pit for the 23 minutes of the album without feeling bored at any point by the pummeling attack of the trio. Since I received it I cannot stop listening to this album and have been putting it on my playlist everyday. Because of the sheer force of its unrelenting attack, II becomes addictive, like a rush that never loose its power. After so many times away from the studio, Magrudergrind seems dedicated to play live and to make people forget that there were slightly out of the limelight for a while. With already two shows announced in London this year, it’s unlikely that people will forget them, especially not after an album as brilliant and massive as this one.

II is available on CD and LP via Relapse Records and on digital via Bandcamp

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