News of the week – Real great news

New songs

A first song from the collaboration between Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas is finally online and it sounds pretty good. Mariner will be out on 8th April.

A new Melvins song featuring Off!‘s bass player is streaming. The song will be on the upcoming 10″ called War pussy.

Driftoff (Rosetta, City of Ships) are streaming a new song via Brooklyn Vegan. The song will be on the single Denial machine/No rescue released by Radar Recordings.

Spanish tech death monsters Wormed have put online two new songs from their album Krighsu.

Rotten Sound are also streaming another song but it’s much better than the previous one. Fans of crusty grind rejoice! Abuse to suffer will be out on 25th March via Season of Mist. In addition, the band has announced a European tour with Abigail Williams and Cult Leader (ex. Gaza).

Toxic HolocaustJoel Grind is sharing a split with Davie Allan. The split will be released by Relapse Records on 11th March.

Nightkin (The Red Chord, ex. The Black Dahlia Murder) is streaming a new song from Oath of elucidation.

Full albums

Magrudergrind‘s new album, II, is finally streaming and it’s a killer.

Eight Bells‘ (ex. Subarachnoid Space) first album, Landless, is streaming via Revolver.

Love Sexm Machine‘s new album Asexual anger is streaming in full via Bandcamp.

Now recording

Expire are in the studio for a new album. So is Revocation who will release their new album via Metal Blade. Anaal Nathrakh is also working on a new album and hopefully it will be much better than the previous one.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, legendary producer Rick Rubin talks about the many albums he produced including the Beastie BoysLicensed to hill or Metallica‘s Death magnetic.

If you were wondering what members of American Nightmare and The Hope Conspiracy could play together you might be disappointed to learn that it has nothing to do with hardcore.

In other news

John Joseph (Cro Mags) has formed a new band called Bloodclot with ex. members of Danzig and Monster Magnet and have signed to Metal Blade.

Incantation have signed again to Relapse Records who had released their first albums. The band is working on their new album with Dan fucking Swano (Edge of Sanity, ex. Bloodbath) which is really good news.

French chaotic black metallers Plebeian Grandstand are going to release a new album called False high, true lows via Throatruiner Records during spring.This will probably be one of the best record of the year. Keep watching their official website for more info.

Skeletonwitch has recruited a singer from Wolvhammer has their new frontman.

EyeHateGod and Bl’ast are releasing a split 7″.

Predictable but still regrettable, Ryan Knight has announced its departure from The Black Dahlia Murder. Fans like me had noticed his absence on stage on their recent European tour. He is replaced by Brandon Ellis, also of Arsis fame.

Child Bite‘s new album Negative noise is coming out on 01st April and the artwork is quite cool.

Youth Code has a teaser for their new album, Commitment to complications, produced by Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly.

Live shows

Vision of Disorder will be playing more European shows around their appearance at the Temples Festival in Bristol.

Speaking of Temples, the festival has announced Revenge and Carcass as part of their 2016 lineup.

The Outbreak fest in Leeds has announced two shows. The first on the 30th April with Terror, Incendiary and Dead Swans for an exclusive reunion show. The second on 8th May with Trapped Under Ice, an exclusive show of Dirty Money and Higher Power.

Music videos

Bossk has a new video and damn if it’s not quality stuff. Highly recommended for fans of postcore and post rock.

My new favorite band is called Wild Throne and sound a lot like a metal version of the Mars Volta.

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