[Albums] Spektr – The art to disappear

The man known as Hth or Haemoth is the mastermind behind both Spektr and the band of the same name as his second moniker. Behind these two projects, the musicians has produced some of the best forwarded thinking and terrifying black metal that has ever come out of France. Known for its high concept Black metal, the country that saw Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord has also nurtured Spektr (the project was also once signed to Vindsval‘s, Blut Aus Nord‘s mastermind, label), a project with as much in common with the Norwegian frost than the depressing and inhuman landscape of the future imagined by James Cameron in Terminator 2.

Three years after Cypher, a solid but unremarkable album who suffered from being the follow-up to a masterpiece, Near death experience, a concept album being about in a coma, the duo (Hth as a multi-instrumentalist and kl.K as the drummer) has now committed to tape a worthy follow-up with as much creativity and originality as before. Far from being a copy cat of its successful predecessor, The art to disappear pushes away the limit between Black metal and techno by embracing its repetitiveness to bring the listener to a trance.

From the terrifying to the fascinating acts like a tornado, circling around a main riff to make the listener loose all point of reference. That day will definitely come starts on the other hand with a rap beat similar to the work of Godflesh on Pure. The syncopated beat clashes with the martial rhythmic of the music before transforming into a slow burning distorted melody continuously attacked by a double bass drum.

In all its darkness, The art to disappear shines by its capability to surprises and twist the familiar formulas. The soothing electronic landscape are hit by the notes of a piano on The day will definitely come while bass and guitar lines are covered in burning electricity, like a metallic armor made to attack as much as to protect. Touches of some ghostly Blue Note jazz still peak through the onslaught (on the concluding title track) to underline the versatility of the human experience that Spektr twist to no end. It would not be surprising to see the duo collaborate with a black metal minded techno musician like Mondokpf on future release but as of now, the cyborg of black metal shows how much ingenuity you have to display to really be called futuristic.

The art to disappear is available on CD and LP via Agonia Records and digital via Bandcamp


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