News of the week – The end of another era, hopefully?

By now, you should have heard about Phil Anselmo giving a Nazi salute at the end of the show in tribute to Dimebag Darrel and screaming White power, the late Pantera guitarist. After denying allegations about his racism the man has since apologized in a video. Many have come forward to denounce this and affirm the need of a racist free metal scene. Personally, I have been very disappointed to learn this was not the first time Anselmo showed his « true colors ». This isn’t much considering how small this website is but I won’t be covering any new Anselmo related news in here. i personally can’t condone this kind of action and believe in taking a stand on racism as much as people. It goes to show that there is a dire need in the metal scene to talk about this issues and write songs that denounce these ills instead of focusing on fictional girlfriends problems or killing zombies.


A new Grave at Sea song is finally streaming from The curse that is. The new album will be out on 01st April.

A new Coffins song from their split via Ilsa is streaming. The upcoming split will be released via Relapse Records on 26th February.

Obscura are streaming a new song from Akroasis. The album will be released via Relapse Records on 05th February.

A new song from Eight Bells (ex. SubArachnoid Space) is streaming via Cvlt nation. Landscapes will be out on 02nd February via Battleground records.

Skuggsjá (Enslaved, Wardruna) are streaming a new song from their album A piece for mind and mirror scheduled for 11th March release via Season of Mist.

New song from sludge experts Lovesexmachine are streaming via Cvlt nation and Metal Sucks.

Voivod is streaming a new song from Post society EP before it’s release on 26th February via Century Media.

Full albums

The new album from Lifestream, french orthodox black metal, is streaming in full via soundcloud.

Hollow Earth‘s new EP, Parting remains, is streaming via Metal Sucks.

Black Tusk‘s new album, Pillars of ash, is streaming via Noisey.

In other news

Every Time I Die is hard at work on their new album.

Bison (previously Bison BC) is recording a new album.

Profound Lore will release Geryon‘s The wound and the bow on 28th April.

Like Rats‘ (Weekend Nachos) second album, approprietly titled II, will be released in March via Southern Lord.

Season of Mist have signed french death metallers Necrowretch. A new album is expected next year.


A new UXO song from Chris Spencer (Unsane) and Steve Austin (Today is the Day) is streaming via Lambgoat.

Live shows

Here is a live video recorded last year of japanese grindcore legends Swarrrm.

108 have announced four reunion shows but nothing in Europe, yet?

Narrows (ex. Botch, ex. Unbroken) are not done and have announced two shows.

Crowbar have announced a European tour spanning from the end of April to May. They will also begin recording a new album this month.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Tad) will tour Europe in April.

Music videos

Maruta has a new music video and like the previous one for Hope smasher, it’s NSFW and also unsafe for epileptic people.

The new At the Gates video is however completely safe for everything, including your ears.

Hardcore band Cross Me is premiering their first music video.


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