[Albums] Yautja – Songs of lament


There are two Yautja, the Predator’s of the movie of the same name, and there is Yautja. The two could not be more different but they share a need to push back boundaries. Songs of descent, the 2014 full length, was an exercise in dancing around grindcore. Blast beats could be found but the jazz touch of the drummer made them seem like they felt ill at ease. Hard hitting beats dancing around the simple rhythm most band settle for to instead circle around other influences like the complex tempos of Gorguts circa Obscura or the drunken noise rock of The Jesus Lizard.

With its slow start followed by its chaotic rhythm, Breed regret re-introduce Yautja with the same conviction to destabilize. Like the drunken master, the masterful drumming confuses and hits hard at the same time. What has changed is how memorable this slowing down is compared to most of the material on Songs of descent. Yautja hasn’t completely let go off their grindcore tendencies, as proven by the following tracks with its Gorguts/Morbid Angel riffs and its fast beat in a little bit more than a minute. Nonetheless, there is now more emphasis on the riffs instead of the drums which gives to Songs of lament an air of Burnt by the Sun circa Soundtrack to the personal revolution, one of the most dearly missed band of the early Relapse years.

Like the fractured face on the cover, Yautja has broken up it’s identity to build it again without hiding all its scars. A track like Revel:Writhe could not have existed on Songs of lament with it’s slow and twisted guitar line. Songs of lament is a more experimental release for the band where they can show how much they have grown as musicians in the space of a year. An impressive feat for a fantastic band that shows no signs of slowing down in terms of creativity. Songs of lament brings us back to the years where jazz fusion and free jazz where often mentioned in the same breath as extreme metal (Ephel Duath, early Dillinger Escape Plan, Gorguts) and shows us there is much more to accomplish.

Songs of lament is available on CD, tape and vinyl via Bandcamp


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