News of the week – Taiwanese death metal for president


My band, Arms of Ra, have released a new song from our upcoming EP, Cure. You can already pre-order on vinyl via Bandcamp before the 1st February.

Miasmal has released a new song for lovers of old school swedish death metal It’s taken from Tides of omniscience scheduled via Century Media.

Chris Spencer (Unsane) and Steve Austin (Today is the Day) have a new project together called UXO. Reptilian Records will released their album on 29th January and you can pre-order it.

If like me, you missed Cult of Luna‘s streaming of their Amebix cover, here it is. The song is featured on a split with The Old Wind (Breach).

Clutch‘s frontman and members of The Company Band, Black Sabbath and Fu Manchu have formed a band called Dunsmuir.

Entombed A.D. have released a new song from Dead dawn.

Venomous Concept (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth) are streaming a cover of David Bowie.

A cover of the same David Bowie song has been recorded also by The Revolting Cocks (Ministry).

Long running swedish grindcore band Gadget are finally set to release their new album, The great destroyer via Relapse Records on 4th March.

Shai Hulud have a new song featuring Comeback Kid‘s singer. The track will be on their next EP, Just can’t hate enough x2 Plus other songs scheduled for 29th January.

Inter Arma have finished recording their new album. They will play at the Temples Fest in Bristol.

Dave Lombardo has put an end to PHILM, his punk/jazz fusion band. Too bad, it was a good live band.

Difficult loves, Ghostlimb‘s (Graf Orlock) new album will be released on VITRIOL Records on 5th February. A track is streaming via Noisey.

Crime traveler, Graf Orlock‘s new album, will also be released via VITRIOL Records on 5th February. Three songs are streaming via Brooklyn Vegan.

Swedish dark hardcore band Grieved are streaming a new song. The new self titled album will be released via Prosthetic Records on 22nd January. Fans of Brutality Will Prevail should check them out as they will be in the UK from next week.

A new Earthless song is now available to stream and to download.

A new Black Tusk song is streaming via Consequence of Sound. Pillars of ash will be released via Relapse Records.

Terrifying industrial black metal band from France, Spektr (Haemoth) have a new song streaming via Cvlt nation. The art to disappear will be out via Agonia Records.

Red Fang will record their new album with none other than Ross « I am nu-metal » Robinson.

A song from Aborted‘s Termination redux EP is streaming. The EP is out now.

A place where there is no more pain will be the title of Life of Agony‘s new album scheduled to be released via Napalm Records.

A new Obscura song is streaming via Metal Sucks. The new album titled Akroasis will be released on 5th February via Relapse Records.

The serbian hardcore band Black Sails are streaming their album, What belongs to the gallows.

Mindset‘s final EP, Nothing less, is streaming via Substream magazine ahead of it’s release on 11th March.

Jesu (Justin Broadrick) and Sun Kil Moon are streaming their collaborative album before it’s 21st January release date.

Live shows

The Temples Fest have released some new names for their 2016 edition. The Ruins of Beverast, Vorum, Degial, Meek is Murder, Funeral Throne, Disterror, Sheol, Tombstones, Undersmile, ((OHMMS)) and Venom Prison.

Machine Head have to cancel their show in Paris because they were unable to find another suitable venue because of the Bataclan closing down following the Paris’ terrorist attack.

Nevermen (Faith no More, TV on the Radio) have postponed their European tour.

Cannibal Corpse will team up with Krisiun to tour Europe in April and May but no shows are scheduled in the UK.

Suffocation and Cattle Decapitation will tour Europe together in March.

Wisdom in Chains‘ show at This is Hardcore is now streaming via Hate5Six, as usual.


Taiwanese singer, Freddy Lim of Cthonic, was elected as part of the New Power Party, Thailand’s third biggest political party. The country is going through a lot of change as it elected a new leader from the Democrative Progressive Party who wants to be « independent from China ».

Rob Zombie will be a guest on Adult’s Swim’s Mr Pickles, a cartoon about a dog that is actually the Devil.

If you live in Germany and you are a fan of Slipknot, you can order some figurines of the band member.

Oh my god, why?!

David Vincent (ex. Morbid Angel) has turned away from Death metal and is now singing his country tunes. That means that the new Morbid Angel will not feature any nod to Willie Nelson or Kid Rock.


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