[Mixtape] The Black Dahlia Murder – One of each

The Black Dahlia Murder will be in London next week for two shows. A headlining show at the Underworld on the 22nd and opening for Abbath (ex. Immortal) the following day at The Forum. Originally the band was supposed to do two headlining shows at the Underworld but it seems that the early turn out was not as enthusiastic as expected. The band is still scheduled to play two nights in a row in London and that’s a treat I have been waiting for enthusiastically for months. The Black Dahlia Murder may be quite one-dimensional but they are consistent as proven by this selection of songs from each of their album. Releasing an album almost every two year, steady as a clockwork, and centered around singer and Death metal enthusiast Trevor Strnad (a screamer so versatile that he had to be replaced by two singer once when he quit for a short period of time) and guitarist Brian Eschbach, the band have now been the same since 2012. No longer associated with Deathcore but considered by most metal fans as a Death metal band, they have turned themselves into one of the most reliable studio and live act of the last ten years by putting out quality melodic death metal album, meshing the melodies of Swedish Death metal with the violence of Floridian Death metal. Going through this selection of songs from each album should demonstrate how consistent the band has been since the beginning and why any shows by them is always a treat for Death metal fans alongside Cannibal Corpse or Behemoth.

Thy horror cosmic from Unhallowed (2003)

Miasma from Miasma (2005)

Worship only what you bleed from Nocturnal (2007)

Throne of lunacy from Deflorate (2009)

Carbonized in cruciform from Ritual (2011)

Raped in hatred with vines of thorn from Everblack (2013)

Threat level no. 3 from Abysmal (2015)


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