News of the week – To Crimea with love, signed Fred Durst


Emmure has lost all its members except for frontman Frankie Palmeri. It seems that the most hated man of metal was also despised by his own band to the surprise of… no one actually. The band’s performance at the Ghostfest in Bristol this year was remarkable for all the wrong reason. Palmeri seemed bored with his own delivery and every songs sounded identical to each other. There is no reason for any reason who wants to be challenged, or just not pigeon holed in a dying genre, to stay in Emmure. The musicians have already announced that they have formed a new band (basically, they were united by their hatred for Palmeri) and I will report back here if there is anything worthwhile for you to listen when they release something.

Converge are working on a remixed and remastered version of 2004’s You fail me. B-side Wolves at my door will now be included in the album.

A new Voivod EP has been announced for the 26th February. Post society will feature a cover of Hawkwind and songs released on splits with At the Gates and Napalm Death.

A newly edited version of a documentary about the Deftones has now been released. Enterain me had leaked in 2010. An official link has yet to surface but a trailer is available here.

Downfall of Gaia has lost their guitarist Peter Wolff.

Hollow Earth are planning to release a new EP called Parting remains via Good Fight.

The Banner‘s cassette only release announced last week will also be available on digital.

Banger TV, the youtube channel of documentary film maker Sam Dunn, has released a five minute teaser for a documentary about At the Gates‘s Slaughter of the soul. The clip features interview of all band members but presents the album as an « underrated classic ». I personally never thought of Slaughter of the soul has underrated but rather solidly rated. It’s a very influential and quite highly regarded album, and quite deservedly so.

Live shows

As announced in my article about my fantasy set-list, Converge will play with their Blood moon augmented line up (Chelsea Wolfe, Stephen Brodsky minus Steve Von Till who will only be at the Roadburn show) in London, Berlin and Reims. The Body and Full of Hell will perform alongside Converge in London. The shows will also feature Cripple Black Phoenix and 40 Watt Sun.

Cruciamentum has been added to the bill for Archgoat‘s show in London on the 16th April at Nambucca.

Germain crust band Jungbluth (ex. Alpinist) has announced a UK tour. A free show at the Unicorn in London has been announced for the 13th February with Terrible Love, Grindhouse and Containment.

The Body and Thou have recorded an in-studio live performance.

Music videos

Borknagar have enlisted the talent of Ulver‘s Garm for their new song. Garm was previously the singer for Borknagar for the first album.

Oh my god, why?!

Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) is moving to Crimea. The singer intends to do so not only because his wife is originally from the region but also to shoot a show to cement the friendship with Russia who took over the region from Ukraine in 2014. Therefore, the Ukrainian government has announced that they were banning Fred Durst from their country for five years. Who would have thought that the singer would ever be involved in a diplomatic situation?


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