[Mixtape] Converge’s Blood moon – Best of the slowest

Converge‘s has just given to their European fans a sort of early Christmas present by announcing that they will perform some of their slowest songs for four select shows with Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe) and Steve Von Till (Neurosis), but only at the Roadburn for the later.

Reinterpreting material with the help of other artist in the context of rock music has led to countless pointless remixes and orchestral « reinvention » that led to nowhere but a more pompous version of the original material. If the material was good enough in the fist place, why bother adding layers to it if only to destroy or change what was already there? Reinvention also carry a rather nostalgic connotation, acknowledging that the best is behind you and that you need to go back to it to recapture something that was lost, either sales or creativity. Korn and Metallica have become masters in this art and their carrier has not become synonymous with creativity.

What makes this occasion special and deserving of excitement is the addition to the event of musicians who are long time friends of the band, but also most certainly fans too. These two factors make the collaboration between all of them similar to the shows Ulver gave after swearing on their mother’s that they would never perform live. To give life to their music in a live environment, the Norwegian had to multi- talented musicians to perform since their trio of hands was not enough.

Given that Blood moon will see Converge perform some of their slowest songs, songs that they rarely, or have never performed live, it seems natural that they call for help some of their friends. Given that Converge are known as frantic experiences where fans can shout along to their favorite material and head bang furiously, this decision to go for the more introspective side of their carrier shows that the band is ready to take more risk with what they have accomplished and experiment. When one plays over and over the same material, one becomes an expert, and Converge are now the best at what they do, which is probably precisely why they now want to do something else and have brought friends to take that risk.

To prepare for this onslaught on all ear drums, I have created a playlist of songs that they could perform. Since the focus will be on the slowest song, the choices were limited considering how fast most Converge songs are. I have allowed one exception to creep in, namely Effigy (featuring members of Cave In) considering that one of the musician featured on the track will be performing with the band.

Converge’s Blood moon (click here to play the playlist entirely on Playmoss)

01 – On my shield (from What we love we leave behind)

02 – Trophy scars (from No heroes)

03 – They stretch for miles (from The poacher diaries)

04 – Grim heart/black rose (from No heroes)

05 – Phoenix in flight (from Jane Doe)

06 – Glacial pace (from What we love, we leave behind)

07 – Minnesota (from The poacher diaries)

08 – You fail me (from You fail me)

09 – Effigy (from Axe to fall)

11 – Cruel bloom (from Axe to fall)

11 – Wretched world (from Axe to fall)



12 – Jane Doe (from Jane Doe)








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