News of the week – I’m a broken hamburger before Christmas


Agoraphobic Nosebleed are streaming another new song from Arc, their upcoming EP with frontwoman Kat Katz (ex. Salome).

Neurosis will be back in the studio with Steve Albini to record their new album.

A new song from Black Cobra‘s Imperium simulacra is now streaming. The album will be out on 26th February via Season of Mist.

Abbath (ex. Immortal) has lost his drummer and guitarist for « personal reasons » meaning, Abbath is probably insufferable. European shows are still supposed to happen in January.

A song from Obscura‘s Akroasis is now streaming. Relapse Record will release the new album on 5th February.

Two songs from Venomous Concept (Napalm Death, ex. Brutal Truth) are streaming. One is available below and the other via this link. Kick me silly/VC 3 will be out on 8th January via Season of Mist.

Ihsahn‘s new song from Arktis, his new album featuring members of Trivium, Leprous and Shining, will be out on 4th March via Candlelight Records.

Legendary hardcore fusion band Candiria are now recording their upcoming album, one of the most awaited of next year as far as I’m concerned.

Grindcore’s movies buffs Graf Orlock are back with a new song streaming via Metal Sucks. Crime traveler will be out on 5th February via Vitriol Records.

German postcore band Throwers (Dezafra Ridge) will release their album Loss on 15th January via Golden Antenna Records. Cvlt nation is streaming a first song.

Swedish dark hardcore band Grieved have premiered a new track from their self titled due on 22nd January via Prosthetic Records.

Two examples that tapes are back in fashion: The Banner will release a four track EP with a cover of Killing Joke and some remixes while Hesitation Wound (Touche Amore, ex. Trap Them, Slipknot) will release two new song on a tape available only at shows.

Inquisition are recording their new album.

Melechesh‘s frontman was arrested in Jerusalem after being involved in a bar fight. He is currently under house arrest until the judge reaches a decision.

Deathwish has signed Death Index (Merchahdise, La Piovra…). Their debut will be out on 26th February.

‘ new album, Purple, is now streaming.

Live shows

Mike Patton‘s new band, Nevermen (with members of TV on the Radio and Subtle) will tour Europe with few shows, including one in Paris and one in London, during February.

Cancer Bats will tour Europe with Palm Reader, Incite and Lord Dying.

Refused are already planing to go back to Europe with shows lined up around the months of February, March and April.

Baroness will tour Europe next year from the end of February to the beginning of April.

Industrial metal one man band Author & Punisher will spend most of January on his own with his machines in Europe.

A studio performance of Team Sleep (Deftones) is now available.

Music videos

Faith no More are anxious about being separated.


Pantera‘s I’m broken is lifting burger in this new commercial. Sadly, the add doesn’t make any puns about Hamburgers and the title of the song. I thought puns were marketers best friends…


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