[Albums] Top 2015 – The ten best albums of the year

This year was more dominated by hardcore than metal release. For some reason, I didn’t follow the right channel to get the best death metal and black metal albums and only learned about some of the jewels of the year, like Chapel of Disease or Wiegedood very recently. Nonetheless, there were a lot of memorable release this year so it’s time to take a look at what remains of everything that’s has passed through my ears.

01 – TurnstileNonstop feelings


Some of the most memorable hardcore songs of the year powered by one of the best live band of the year.

02 – WindhandGrief’s infernal flower


The breakout album we were expecting from Windhand with some of the best doom songs of the year.

03 – Mutoid ManBleeder


Who can say to some rocking tunes when the drumming is as good and the songs so well written.

04 – Twitching TonguesDisharmony


Operatic and overtly dramatic but powerful and full of instant classics. Twitching Tongues is his own beast, standing proudly between hardcore and metal without any care for what the haters and doubters might say.

05 – IlsaThe felon’s claw


Suffocating and heavy as hell, Ilsa takes no prisoner and intent to release another album soon on Relapse.

06 – Black BreathSlaves beyond death


The heroes of the american death metal scene are back with another classic. Who could have doubted of that?

07 – XibalbaTierra y libertad


Between beatdown, death metal and doom, Xibalba has found it own style and it’s devastating.

08 – Cult LeaderLightless walk

cult leader

The band who should not be named is definitely buried in the past with this album.

09 – Chapel of DiseaseThe mysterious ways of repetitive art


A late discovery but a fantastic album nonetheless. Excellent doomy death metal in the vein of Asphyx.

10 – PrurientFrozen niagara falls


Between the noise and the screams lies some devastating beauty.


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