News of the week – Somewhere along the news


Magrudergrind have finally released a song from their upcoming Relapse debut II will be out on 12th February.

The Body forthcoming LP will be called No one deserves happiness and will be out on 18th March via Thrill Jockey.

Full of Hell‘s cover of Melvins is streaming. The song is taken from the Amber mote in the black vault 7″ scheduled for 8th January via Bad Teeth Recording.

Dave Lombardo (ex. Slayer, Philm) and members of Retox and The Locust‘s new punk band, Dead Cross, is recording it’s first album with Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot).

Legendary japanese grind band Swarrrm is releasing a new split with Terror Squad called The fierce trinity.

Adam McGrath (Cave In) and JR Conners (Cave In) are in a new band called Nomad Stones. An eight song EP should be out soon.

Rotting Christ‘s new album will be called Rituals and be released on 12th February via Season of Mist. A song is already streaming via Lambgoat.

If you’re into angular noise rock you probably have heard of Craw, a legendary band who shared their drummer, Will Scharf, with another angular noise rock band from Cleveland, Keelhaul. A campaign to raise money to reissue their material is active at the moment and Noisey has interviewed the man behind the initiative and the article features Craw song.

Abbath‘s (ex. Immortal) cover of Judas Priest is streaming. The song is taken from the Count the dead 7″ released via Season of Mist. The title track of the 7″ is also streaming and will be on the band’s first album released on 22nd January.

The collaborative LP between Daniel Menche and Mammifer (ex. Isis, Sumac) is streaming via Bandcamp.

Live shows

Cult of Luna are out of their hiatus and touring to play the album Somewhere along the highway, their 2006 release, for its 10 year anniversary. Too bad they didn’t do a similar tour for The Beyond or their self titled debut.

Repulsion will play at the Underworld in London on 13th April with Mirror.

Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and Colin H. Van Eeckhout (AmenRa) will be touring Europe in January.

Locrian‘s London show will be with Necro Deathmort and Khost. The Black Heart will host the show on 15th January.

Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation and Abiotic will tour across Europe around February and March.


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