News of the week – Metal Jessica Jones


Nails have started recording their new album, You will never be one of us, with Kurt Ballou (Converge).*

Agoraphobic Nosebleed have finally put out a trailer for their long awaited sludge EP called Arc. Vocalist Kat Katz (ex. Salome) is put at the forefront of this one. The EP will be released on 22nd January via Relapse Records along with the LP for Frozen corps stuffed with dope and Altered states of America.

Baroness are streaming a new song from Purple scheduled for 18th December.

The Rival Mob are back with a new song from a tour tape sold on their Australian tour.

French industrial black metal Spektr (Haemoth) have released a new song from The art to disappear coming via Agonia Records on 29th January. Spektr was previously signed to Season of Mist via the short lived label of Vindsval from Blut Aus Nord.

Glassjaw are also coming back with a new from an upcoming LP, their first in thirteen years. Daryl Palumbo sounds quite different from what he used to but the song is still solid.

Nevermen is a new band with Mike Patton (Faith no More, Mr Bungle…), Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) and Dose One (Clouddead, Subtle). A new song is streaming below and their self titled debut will be out on 29th January via none other than Patton’s Ipecac label.

A first song from Yellow Eyes upcoming LP, Sick with bloom, on Gilead Media is streaming via Noisey.

A first song from Seven Sisters of Sleep‘s first album for Relapse Records (they were previously signed to A389 Records) is streaming. Ezekiel’s hags will be out on 5th February.


The Atlas Moth‘s singer guest on this new song from Scientist streaming via Cvlt nation. The album entitled 10100||00101 will be out via Hell Comes Home Records on 11th December.

A new Church of Misery song will be released with next issue of Decibel Magazine. The band’s new album And then there were none will be out in March via Rise Above and feature the talent of Repulsion‘s singer.

German death metal duo Mantar are in the studio recording Ode to the flame and have signed to Nuclear Blast.

Red Fang will be back in the studio next year to record their new album.

Mamiffer (ex. Isis) will release The World unseen via SIGE in March.

4/5 of Have Heart have founded a new band called Free. Their first EP is streaming on Bandcamp.

The new Rotten Sound called Abuse to suffer will be out on 18th March via Season of Mist.

Touche Amore have released a new flexy called Condolences/Available with a cover of The National.

Czech grindcore label SelfMadeGod have signed Nuclear Holocaust whose album Mutant inferno is streaming via Bandcamp.

The new album from one man experimental black metal band Furze is streaming via Invisible Oranges. Baphomet wade is now out via Freshtea.

British prog metalcore band Sikth new mini album Opacities is now out and streaming via The Independent.

Live shows

Venomous Concept (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth) will tour Europe in January with a show announced with Corrupt Mortal Altar in London at the Underworld on 16th.

Soulfly will be touring in Europe in February with King Parrot, Lody Kong and Incite. The presence of King Parrot is the only thing preventing this piece of news to be in the last category.

Blistered set at This is Hardcore is finally available (read my review of their debut album), as well as Eternel Sleep‘s set.

Converge will perform two sets at the Roadburn festival. First, they will perform Jane Doe (please make an European tour with only Jane Doe) and then they will do a special set with Chelsea Wolfe, Ban Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man) and Steve Von Till (Neurosis, Harvestman). Blood moon will be a set constituted of their « less frantic material ». Napalm Death had performed a similar set at the Roadburn but one can hope that this time it will be recorded and made available widely.

Music videos

Because you can never get away from your teenage years, here is the new Cradle of Filth video you all wanted to hate watch.

And also, because some people can’t stop, here is a new Aborted video.

Metalcore band Capsize have a new video.


If you enjoyed the new Netflix / Marvel series, Jessica Jones, and thought it lacked some guitar riffs, there you go.

Oh my god, but why?!

American Head Charge and Mushroomhead will be touring in Europe at the end of March and beginning of April.

Turnstile are becoming more popular by the minute so, predictably, some are trying their hand at aping their style, which this Czech band fails to do, and wait till you hear the god awful vocals.


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