[Albums] Hooded Menace – Darkness drips forth


The Hooded Menace never stays asleep for too long. Since their beginning in 2007 the longer they have stayed without releasing something new has been only a year. Despite that creativity, the fins have stayed close to the same style of doom and death metal, mixing Cathedral with Asphyx with the same level of success. Now with Darkness drips forth, their second release for Relapse Records, they are changing things a bit… but only a bit.

This new full length only features four songs for forty minutes of music. After their collection of EP where, arguably, most of their best songs can be found, the band have focused their effort on writing long songs. The format always suited them better as the series of fantastic release they have shared along the years can testify. Each track is an epic dirge full of sorrowful riffs recalling Candlemass at its most melancholic.

As their name suggest, Hooded Menace loves horror movies with mysterious character bringing forth a malediction of some sorts. Darkness drips forth stays true to this idea of giving life to an horror story such as the one told by the Hammer studios in the 50’s and the 60’s. Like their artwork, Hooded Menace prefers only two colors but paint vivid pictures nonetheless.

Sadly, Darkness drips forth is not a concept album with every songs forming a larger picture. There is no doubt that the band would be fantastic at creating a soundtrack for a whole movie since their songs are so cinematic. Darkness drips forth is still an excellent release with four excellent songs. They might have only been around for less than a decade but there is nothing new to expect from Hooded Menace. However, it does not mean that what they releases are not great. Just don’t expect anything less than some excellent old school doom and death metal.

Darkness drips forth is available on CD and vinyl via MusicFearSatan and streaming via Bandcamp


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