News of the week – Grindcore’s Doctor Who


Bad week for touring rock band, once again, as Black Cobra and The Ghost Inside were both involved in separate car accidents. Black Cobra‘s van was totaled but the band continued to tour nonetheless. The Ghost Inside were not so lucky with several members ending up at a hospital. Tragically, their bus driver died in the accident and a a Gofundme page has been put in place where you can donate as much as you want, but probably not as much as Bring Me The Horizon who gave 10 000$ helping the band get closer to the goal of 125 000$ to pay for the funeral and medical expense.

A new Graf Orlock song is streaming via Noisey. The band’s new album, Crime traveler, will be released on 5th February via Vitriol Records. Time traveling being quite a novelty for grindcore, or hardcore, could Graf Orlock be the genre’s Doctor Who?


Because Kirk Hammett said nice thing about them, Meek is Murder have recorded a cover of Metallica‘s Blackened.

Guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire Melynda Jackson of SubArachnoid Space has a new band called Eight bells (the title of the last release from SubArachnoid Space) and an album called Landless available via Crucial Blast. You can listen to the whole album via Noisey.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine‘s new song, taken from their new album, Malaise, is streaming via Cvlt nation.

Fucking Invincible, an excellent power violence group, have a new song streaming via Cvlt nation from their new EP I hate myself and want you to die. The EP will be released via Atomic Action Records on 18th December.


A new song from Borknagar is streaming. Winter thrice will be released on 22nd January via Century Media.

Justin Pearson (The Locust), Dave Lombardo (ex. Slayer), Gabe Serbian (The Locust) and Mike Crain (Retox) have formed a new punk band called Dead Cross.

Black Tusk have released a new song from Pillars of ash, their new album scheduled for 29th January via Relapse Records.

Entombed A.D. are planing to release their second album called Dead dawn on 26th February via Century Media.

Sumac (ex. Isis, Baptists, Botch) are back in the studio.

Since the Deftones canceled their European shows, Chino Moreno is back in the studio with Crosses.

Ion Dissonance are continuing their work on their new album.

The split between Yautja (think Gorguts meets Converge) and Forn is streaming via Noisey.

Hardcore extremist Tempest have released their new self titled album and it’s streaming in full via Bandcamp.

Live shows

Cult of Luna will play their 2006 album, Somewhere along the highway, at the Roadburn festival. The band is also hinting at other shows. It seems that « being on hiatus » is the new « we’re just going to tour less.

Power Trip has been added to the bill of the Concrete Fest in Birmingham, UK.

Gorguts will be touring with Psycroptic, Dysrhythmia and Nero Di Marte in Europe with a show in London on the 30th Mars being scheduled at The Dome.


Deftones are already rescheduling their shows in Europe with a show in London with Architects announced at SSE Arena, Wembley on 6th March and two shows in Germany.

Death to All (the All-Star Death tribute band) will perform Individual thought patterns accross Europe with Obscura as an opener.

Because Polish black metallers, and underground darling, Mgla will play in London very soon, and because their show has been upgraded to the Dome with more tickets being released, here is a new live video to help you make a decision about seeing them, thanks to Cvlt nation.

American Nightmare‘s set at this year’s This is Hardcore is available in full.

Music videos

Primus are playing with clay again.

Once again, At the Gates get animated.

Get ready for another trip in the pit with Terror‘s new video.

Want some more progressive death metal? Obscura is back to take care of your needs.

Well, it seems that Powerman 5000 continues to exist.

Paradise Lost are streaming one song from their live DVD, Symphony for the lost.


Last week, a cop came on stage in uniform to sing Dechristianize with Vital Remains. The cop had already given his resignation but he was asked to leave earlier because of the event.

Here is some footage of The Melvins practicing in 1985.

Why, oh god, why?!

Disturbed are back. You will notice that Powerman 5000‘s new video is not in this category. The reason being that Powerman 5000 are only escapism and don’t oversell themselves (aside from giving the opinion, like every band past their prime) that they still play in front of thousands of people. Disturbed on the other hand are the perfect representation of egotistical musicians.


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