News of the week – Music, always music


Phil « Philthy Animal » Taylor (ex. Motorhead) has passed away.

Dr Know of Bad Brains is « no longer in critical condition« . However, he is still in the hospital.

Deftones have finished recording and mixing their new album.

Abbath‘s self titled debut album will be out on 22nd January via Season of Mist. A new song is streaming via Blabbermouth.

Misery Index‘s cover of Sepultura for Decibel Magazine is now streaming.

Bloodiest (feat. Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Corrections House) have released a new song off their first album, Mesmerize. The album via Relapse Records on 15th January.

Morbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost features covers of Celtic Frost by Acid Witch, Municipal Waste as well as appearances of members of Repulsion, Neurosis and Phil Anselmo. The album is streaming in full via The PRP.

Napalm Death and Heaven Shall Burn are releasing a split EP with one unreleased song each. The release will be out on 11th December via Century Media Records.

Cancer Bats are streaming their cover of canadian songwriter Joel Plaskett who also produced the song.

The first four Slayer albums will be released on Metal Blade on vinyl.

Katatonia have changed drummers and started recording their new album.

Eternal Sleep will release their first album via Closed Casket Activities.

Axis of Despair (Nasum, Coldworker) will release Time and again 7″ via SelfMadeGod.

Withered are in the studio with Colin Martson (Behold the Arctopus, Gorguts) and have signed with Season of Mist.

Obscura will release their new album Akróasis via Relapse Records on 5th February.

Norma Jean are looking for a studio to record their new album.

Todd Morse (guitar, vocals) has quite H2O claiming it was not into it anymore, and « didn’t wanna fake it anymore« . The musician is however still a touring member of The Offspring

Dragged into Sunlight & Gnaw their Tongues‘ collaborative album is streaming.

Business news

Victory records and Spotify have resolved their dispute and the label’s catalog is back on the service.

Live shows

Old Man Gloom will release a live album of their show in London under the name Old Man Gloom: Mickey Rookey via Live At London via Ektro Records. The album will be out on 19th February.

The line up for next year’s Concrete Fest, UK Hardcore festival, has been announced and it looks pretty nice.

Decapitated and Sylosis will tour the UK in March.

Suicidal Tendencies will support Slipknot for the band’s UK shows in February.

Snapcase‘s reunion show at this year’s This is Hardcore is streaming and it’s quite disappointing.

Music videos

Wrekmeister Harmonies (Leviathan, Yakuza, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Body…) have a video with David Yow (Jesus Lizard).

If you like smoking dolphins, you might like the new Intronaut video.

Extinction A.D. have some thrash for you.

Firespawn (Entombed A.D., Necrophobic) have a video.


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