[Albums] Twitching Tongues – Disharmony


From the dramatic piano intro to the double bass heavy intro of the title track, and throughout the album (Cannibal) it’s obvious from the start that Twitching Tongues has become more metal. Even the artwork with it’s skull put on top of a picture of a woman with blood dripping on her face could not be more metal, in the worst sense of the term. However, despite all of this, Twitching Tongues has not betrayed their style and are just pushing forward in the Bolt Thrower meets Candlemass direction, by way of Merauder, they have taken since their last album.

Colin Young‘s vocals seemed maybe out of place in the hardcore scene when Twitching Tongues‘ demo came out in 2010 but now melodic vocals are more and more embraced by singers who are rediscovering Only Living Witness, Type O Negative, Vision of Disorder and Life of Agony. Therefore, it’s only normal that the singer has taken measure to distance himself from this vein and his style is now more dramatic than ever. He also seems more in control and hits more high notes while also adding some growled vocals (Insincerely yours (Tears & blood)), going as far as nailing a Mike Patton influenced vocal line on the Faith no More influenced Sacrifice me with it’s bass line taken from Midlife crisis. His choruses are also still very memorable and even if a song like Disharmony can seem a bit disjointed, the main vocal line makes it an instant hit.

Riffs wise, the songs are mostly slower to let the vocals develop but also to allow the mix of death metal and doom to find a common ground with the moshable riffs. The metal side of Twitching Tongues has become stronger and stronger (the acoustic guitar intro of Love conquers none, an eight minute song about Christianity at the end…) but their heaviness is still mostly appealing to hardcore fans. Furthermore, even if the songs are becoming more and more dramatic, they are still three to four minute long.

The brother’s Young insistence on writing songs with an almost operatic sense of drama might seem grating and forced to some but when the riffs are that good throughout the album (Cannibal, Insincerely yours, The end of love), and the vocal lines are that memorable, it’s hard to not fall in love with the material. Disharmony might seem like a way for Twitching Tongues to please the metal crowd now that they are signed to Metal Blade but no matter what motivated the band, the result is very satisfying and should bring Twitching Tongues even more fans, even if they might loose some with this one.

Disharmony is available on CD and vinyl via OMerch and on streaming via Bandcamp


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