[Albums] Grieved – Samaritans


Six years ago, I remember talking about a friend who is a fan of hardcore about bands like Cult of Luna and Isis and he could not understand why these bands were still, somewhat, associated with hardcore. Even if this kind of discussion happens for a multitude of bands once an old term is being used to describe a definitive transgression with the past, the expression makes more sense in the case of Grieved who play genuine hardcore music with, but not only, elements of post rock.

Coming from Sweden, the quintet offers a sorrowful take on modern hardcore not too dissimilar of bands like The Carrier, Carpathian or Bastions. The shredded vocals typical of the genre are effective but pushed a bit too much in the front when it’s the actual riffs that are more interesting. With a good mix of post-punk, crust and darker emotive hardcore, the guitars provide some interesting melodies and diversity to the songs. Most bands associated with the genre, like Defeater or the late The Carrier, mostly focus on playing emo melodies with a darker tone but the musicians here break the rhythm with some more atmospheric post rock parts (Samaritans) or just simple punk chords (Pale hands) to make their EP as diverse and lively as possible.

The recording sounds also pretty good and puts every instruments at it’s place. Apart from the guitars, there is sadly not much else for the band to stand out but it’s enough to make this release interesting. The band will be touring in Europe earlier next year and the band shows here the potential to play some entertaining shows.

Samaritans is sold out in vinyl on Anchords Aweigh Records but is streaming in full on Spotify


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