News of the Week – Face tattoos are good for your kids


Dr Know, guitarist of legendary Washington hardcore band Bad Brains, has been admitted to the hospital but his health is « improving » according to close friend John Joseph (Cro-Mags).

Relapse Records are streaming their annual compilation via Bandcamp. One track from each of the label’s release are on it so it’s a lot quality music from the post-punk of Pinkish Black and Publicist UK to the grindcore of Maruta to the doom of Windhand.

ZAO has finished recording their new album.

Every Time I Die should start working on a new album in January.

Metallica, or at least Kirk Hammet, hope to release a new album next year. The guitarist told an american radio host that the music will be in the vein of Death magnetic which, in a way, is slightly reassuring. Not that I liked what I heard of Death magnetic, but at least he is not deluding himself by saying that this will be a « return to their roots ».

Danny Walker (Intronaut) has announced the beginning of the recording sessions for a new project with Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome), Matt Olivo (Repulsion) and Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords of Death).

Full of Hell has released a new song from their upcoming EP Amber mote in the black vault.

Chain Gang Grave are streaming a song via Invisible Oranges. Bury them and keep them quiet, their new EP, will be self released on November 13.

Extreme Noise Terror are streaming their new self-titled album via Revolver Mag. The album is now available via Willowtip.

Endon, a japanese band combining elements of noise, black metal and hardcore, are streaming two songs from their EP, Mama. The EP will be out via HydraHead records, a label that was only still alive to put out reissues to pay off debts, and seems to be now back on the road to release new music.

Post hardcore outfit Driftoff (Junius, Rosetta, City of Ships) are streaming their first EP, Modern fear, via Decibel Magazine.

Go Deep are streaming their first album, Influence. The album is out via 6131 Records.

Aevangelist‘s new album, Enthrall to the void of bliss, is streaming via Bandcamp.

Canadian war metal band Revenge are streaming their new album, Behold.Total.Rejection. The album is out on 13th November via Season of Mist.

Live shows

Best news of the week for sludge fans: Cavity is back! Without any big announcement, the cult sludge band who released some excellent albums on HydraHead (Supercollider, On the lam) is back on stage.

Corrosion of Conformity will headline the Desertfest next year. The band will be back in London with the Deliverance line up to rock the doom and stoner festival. Save the date as they say.

Cult krishna hardcore band 108 has announced their intention to play some shows next year. This is excellent news since the band is one of the most original hardcore band that ever existed.

Burn will be back in Europe at the end of April. No date announced yet but if you are a promoter you can already contact Mad Tour Booking. The band played in London recently and you can find my live report of the event here.

The Black Dahlia Murder and Benighted will now open for Abbath and Primordial on 23rd January. Tickets bought for the show at Underworld are still valid.

Author & Punisher will play in London at the Underworld on 20th January.

Kraut rock legend Faust will play an exceptional show in London at the Church of St John at Hackney on 5th December with Nurse With Wounds and Cut Hands.

The UK grindcore and power violence fest, Chimpyfest, has announced an off-shot called Daughter of Chimpy at the Unicorn in Camden (London). The free show will take place on 15th January with Chestburster, Fetus Christ, Groak, Human Cull, Lugubrious Children, Razoreater, Rash Decision and Split Veins.

The excellent sludge band Palehorse will play for free at the Unicorn on 22nd January with Luminous Bodies, Golden Legacy and Ex People.

Music videos

And the award for the most unlikely pairing of the week goes to… Nuclear Blast, the biggest European metal label, who has announced the signature of crust punk legend Discharge! A new song is already streaming. A new album is announced for 2016.

The Acacia Strain are back to the 80’s in their new video.

Brick by Brick, the new hardcore band of Full Blown Chaos‘ frontman, has a new music video.


Orange, the famous brand of amp, not the phone company, have created a comedy add with the help of Brent Hinds from Mastodon and… gulp… Kill or be Killed.

Another week, another beer. This time it’s Behemoth who are releasing one called Heretyk Perun in their native Poland.

Oh my god, why?!

Stillwell (P.O.D., Korn) have released their music video and, from the logo of the label, you already now it’s going to be a disaster… and it is…

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