News of the week – Victory Records, the land of no irony


Ex. Obituary bass player Frank Watkins has passed away at the age of 47.

Asphyx has begun working on a new album.

All Shall Perish are back with most of the original line up of the last album despite that frontman Hernan Hermida is now the frontman of Suicide Silence.

A new Vision of Disorder song is streaming from Razed the ground. The album should be out on 13th November via Candlelight.

Vastum have shared a new song on Invisible Oranges. Hole below will come out on 6th November via 20 Buck Spin.

Jesu (Justin Broadrick) and Sun Kil Moon have recorded a tribute to Nick Cave‘s son who passed away this year. Their collaborative album will be out on 21st January via Caldo Verde Records/Rough trade.

A new Cryptopsy song from is streaming via Decibel and it’s as good as some of the band’s classic material.

Guitarist and vocalist Jay Maas and Defeater have parted ways.

Hierophant have announced their signature to Season of Mist. They were previously signed for one album to Bridge nine.

Nervous (Loma Prieta) are streaming their EP Duration and delusion via Cvlt nation. The EP is available via Twelve Gauge Records.

Wolf Eye‘s new album, I am a problem: mind in pieces, is now streaming via The Fader.

Corrections House (Neurosis, EyeHateGod, Yakuza, Minsk) new album, How to carry a whip, is streaming via Terrorizer.

Live shows

Weekend Nachos, Wormrot and The Afternoon Gentlemen will all play in London at Nambucca

Black Sabbath will headline the Download festival on Saturday in the UK whereas Iron Maiden will be in charge of the Sunday. The festival will take place from the 10th to the 12th at Donington park. Download will also take place in Paris at the same time and Iron Maiden will headline on Friday the 10th.

This is Bane‘s entire set at This is Hardcore. See the in two weeks with Code Orange and Wolf Down in the UK.

Music videos

Windhand have released a music video for one of the best song on their hit filled new album.

Faith no More are old according to their new music video.

Czech grindcore madmen Antigama have released a new video.

Screamo heroes The Saddest Landscape have released a new music video to promote their upcoming album.

Abigail Williams have released a new music video in advance of their much awaited new album.

General awareness

Mia Matsumiya (Kayo Dot, Gregor Samsa) has shared on an instagram account some of the sexist, racist and sexual message she has received over the years on social media. Other women have also started sharing messages they have received, proving, if needs be, that you don’t need to be a « celibrity » to attract aggressive comments, you just need to be a woman.

Now, for some music business silliness, Victory Records is having problems with Spotify for « not properly paying publishing revenues due to Victory Records‘ artists in blatant violation of US Copyright laws. » As a result, all release from Victory Records were pulled from Spotify until the matter is resolved. Isn’t it funny to see the boss of Victory being up in arms because « The bottom line is that artists and songwriters are not being paid and fans of Victory‘s artists cannot listen to the music. »? A label that’s legendary from not paying their artist what they are due. Members of Counterparts had something to say about the situation but I’m sure members of A Day to Remember could also share a few stories.


Abe Cunningham from the Deftones reminisce about some promo pictures taken of the band over the years.

Oh my god, why?!

This is a remix but that’s probably the worst song of the year.


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