[Albums] Jesus Piece – Jesus Piece EP


Jesus Piece, named after an album by the rapper the Game, are from Philadelphia and play the sort of hardcore you can listen to and mosh to. Sure, its fun to slam your fist in the air and kick around like you are the Chuck Norris of the pit, but you also want to have some variations in your music so you don’t end up writing the same songs over and over again (or write only six, like Providence, and only play that for years).

This five song EP is Jesus Piece‘s introduction to the world outside of Philadelphia and they make a good impression with some slow motion sludgy riffs that makes them distant cousin to Xibalba, Disembodied or Stout. The riffs are so down tuned that the only higher notes are bits of feedback (Sinking, Conjure life). The bass contributes a lot to the heaviness with some distorted notes that can be heard clearly on Cowards way. As for the vocals, they stick to a deep scream recalling Jon Gula in Turmoil. Rhythmically, the drums are pushing a slow and hard beat but add some faster blasting from time to time.

Each songs are pretty easy to distinguish thanks to a good level of song writing that does not always emphasize the moshable parts. Instead, the EP gives away and atmosphere of anger and grittiness lacking in most beatdown album. Thanks to the numerous variations on each songs, Jesus Piece easily distinguish themselves from the many mosh and beatdown bands while still retaining the level of aggression associated with the genre.

Jesus Piece EP is available for free download on Bandcamp


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