[Albums] Le Chant Funèbre – Ghosts at the deathbed


All three members of this doom metal band devote themselves mostly to black metal (Krieg, Bringers of Disease, Abigail Williams). So, to change their mind, they are slowing things down to play funeral doom in Le Chant Funèbre (The funeral Chant in English). Unsurprisingly, the result is very dark but does not go at the same length as Esoteric or Skepticism. Rather, the trio keeps things relatively short with only two five minute long song and one intro and outro.

With its lo-fi aesthetic, Le Chant Funèbre brings to mind Xasthur‘s early recording. The melodic chords full of echos have a ghost like quality that goes perfectly with the wailing vocals heard in between the more traditional growls. The deeper vocals fits well with the down tuned dirge put pushes the drums so far in the background that they feel more like the fist of a man trapped behind the wall of sound rather than the kicks announcing the apocalypse.

On top of the instruments, some keyboard-like vocals fly above the riffs as if a cloud of souls was following the band. To top it off, the demented vocals introduced at the end of the second song, Southern facing sign, sound like the last curse of a witch. An appropriate way to conclude a small introduction since it promises much more mournful days of darkness in company of this trio.

Ghosts at the deathbed is a short EP but it’s very sweet and enjoyable to get a first taste of this funeral doom trio. Their very busy schedule may not allow a full length, or another EP, very soon, but this introduction should not be left aside.

Ghosts at the deathbed is available on CD and streaming via Bandcamp

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