News of the week – Planet of the humans


Lee Dorian (ex. Cathedral, ex. Napalm Death) has a new project called With the Dead and a new song is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

A new Vision of Disorder song is finally online. Razed to the ground will be out on November 13th via Candlelight. The band will play at the Temples Fest in June next year so expect a European tour around that period.

Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven and Scorched will have a 4 way split out in 2016.

A benefit show to give children toys is happening in December in Los Angeles with lots of great bands. However, you might notice that Rotting Out, Alpha & Omega and Skinfather will all be playing their last show on that occasion!

Members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age and Off! have started a band called Ten Commandos. A first song is now streaming via Spotify.

Graves at Sea have finished recording their new album. It will be out via Relapse Records in early 2016.

Old school death metal band Horrendus are streaming three songs from their new album Anareta. The album will be out via Dark descent on October 30th.

A new Hooded Menace song is streaming via The PRP from Darkness drips forth. It’s a long one but worth every minute.

No Warning is streaming a new song from the Friends in high places 7″.


A new Saviours song is streaming via The PRP. Palace of vision will come out on October 30th via Listenable Records.

A new song from Correction House is streaming via The PRP. How to carry a whip will be released on October 23rd via Neurot Recording.

Giant Squid is going on hiatus for a long time but members of the band will still be involved in music with projects such as Ice Plants and Squalus.

Ghoul have recorded a song to go with #8 of the comics The Human, available via Image Comics.


Belgian hardcore crew Die My Demon has released a new song via Soundcloud from the upcoming album Same world different eyes.

Season of Mist have announced the signing of post rock band Crippled Black Phoenix (Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine). The band will release a new EP called New dark age and a song is already streaming via Lambgoat.

Relapse Records will reissue Anal Cunt‘s Morbid Florist on vinyl on November 27th as well as The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s first three album.

Lock Up will start recording their next album in early November.

Kowloon Walled City is streaming Grievances via The PRP.

Birds in Row‘s split with WAITC is streaming via Decibel Magazine.

Cult Leader‘s (ex. Gaza) first album is streaming via Noisey.

Live shows

Terror will be back for a UK tour with Wisdom in Chains and Twitching Tongues in January. They will notably play in London at the Underworld on the 30th.

Music videos

Failure goes in space.

Fuck the Facts are on the path of most resistance.


Pantera‘s merchandise department is celebrating Halloween in style.

Oh my god, why?!

Brokencyde are back! If you thought Crazy Town was bad, just wait until your hear this. Think every god awful pop music (and i mean the worst) mixed with some screamed vocals. A bit like a screamo kid joining your cousin’s rap project where he talks about how much of a baller he is.


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