News of the week – After party


Good Fight has released a sampler of their latest release including songs from latest signing like Axis (reviewed here) and Of Feather And Bone (reviewed here), a medley of two unreleased Scarlet track (Good Fight is the label of ex. Nora‘s singer and found of Ferret Record, ex label of Scarlet, Carl Severson) and a remastered Disembodied song from an upcoming box set called Transfiguration.

A new Birds in Row song is streaming on Alternative Press. Personal war will be out via Deathwish on October 30th.

Curran Reynolds has teased a new Graf Orlock album coming out « soon » via Vitriol Records.

Abigail Williams are getting ready to release their first anticipated career of their career with The Accuser on October 30th. After playing symphonic black metal à la Dimmu Borgir and moving to bland cascadian black metal, the american band is finally relevant and you can find out a bit more about the album by listening to a song on The PRP.

Scour is the name of a new death metal band fronted by Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down) with members of Pig Destroyer (the bassist, not Scott Hull, sadly), Animosity and Cattle Decapitation.

Megadeth has put a new song on streaming and their new album called Dystopia will be out on January 16th.


A new Kowloon Walled City song is streaming before the release of Grievances via Neurot Recording on October 9th.

If you want to hear what Elvis Presley sounds like when Red Fang covers him, check out the PRP.

Terzij de Horde have a new song streaming off Self, their first album. You should check them out if you think screamo and black metal are great together.

Twitching Tongues‘ new album will soon be out on October 30th via Metal Blade but another song is finally out and streaming via NPR.

A new Zombi song is streaming off the album Shape shift before it’s October 16th release.

SunnO)))‘s new album will be called Kannon and be released on December 4th.

Borknagar will release a new album called Winter thrice on January 22nd via Century Media.

Extraordinaire one man black metal project Mare Cognitum is re-releasing the second album and it’s now streaming via Bandcamp. Fans of spacey black metal should check it out immediately.

Fissure and Final Draft‘s new split is streaming in full via Bandcamp. A treat for fans of power violence and fastcore.

Wronger is the second album from Pigs (Unsane) and it’s now streaming for all fans of noise rock.

Music videos

Iron Reagan has a new music video out but could somebody explain the plot to me?

Is it possible to cover your own music? Well, it looks like Abbath just did it by recording of cover of his own side project, I.

Goatwhore‘s new music has been filmed through their fan’s perspective.


If you live in Los Angeles you might be interested to know that Scion has organized a Fugazi reunion on the 05th November.

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) talks about his love of Moog synthesizer in this documentary about the iconic synthesizer. Music was composed by the Haxan Cloak which you should check out immediately if you haven’t yet.

Legendary post hardcore band Burn just played their first European show last night in London (more about that later this week) but singer Chaka Malik is not just focusing his effort on his old band. The ex singer of Orange 9mm is also working on a synth driven side project called Ghost Decibels and here is a song.

Sadly, their music isn’t as entertaining as their band but at least their logo is noticeable.

The album cover is not half bad either.


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