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It was revealed this week that Geoff Rickly‘s (ex. Thursday) new label Collect Records, who signed Nothing and his own band with members of Lostprophets, No Devotion, was founded with the financiary help of Martin Shkreli, who famously bought the right of an AIDS medication and multiplied the price from 13,50$ per tablet to 750$. Although he only gave money as a « silent partner » but had not input in the label or got money from it, it was disgusting news for all involved and the label has decided to severe every ties with him. Nothing has also released a tee shirt in support of two organisation people affected by AIDS or other life affecting disease.

Legendary hardcore jazz band Candiria has signed to Metal Blade for a new album and will be touring during 2016. I hope I’ll be finally able to see them live after being a fan for more than ten years without having the chance to see them. In the meantime, a documentary about their formation and their infamous car accident is available to reintroduce the band, thanks to Metal Injection.

Sam Dunn (Metal: A headbanger’s journey) has just launched a new youtube channel called BangerTV with already a few interviews posted on it.

Ex. Hatebreed and ex. rap producer for Cage, Sean Martin, has joined Twitching Tongues on guitar. Lead guitarist Leo Orozco is leaving the band to « pursue other stuff » according to the band.

Japanese artists Merzbow and Boris will release a new collaborative album titled Gensho via Relapse Records in February of next year.

A new Saviours track is streaming before the release of Palace of visions via Listenable Records on October 30th.

A new song from Firespawn (Entombed A.D., Necrophobic) is streaming before the release of Shadow realms via Century Media on November 13th.

A new Myrkur song is available as part of Adult Swim’s single series.

If you want to hear a new song from Tsujder here is one but the new album is already available.

A remixed (by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust) and remastered (by Brad Boatright) edition of Integrity‘s Humanity is the devil will be out via Magic Bullet Recording with new cover art and liner notes by Dwid Hellion. A compilation of rarities will also come out with 23 songs from splits and EPs from Aaron Melnick‘s era in the band as guitarist. Both albums will be out on October 30th.

The hardcore label Good Fight will release a free compilation of this year’s release on October 2nd.

A bootleg from Watain will be made officially available via Ajna offensive.

Bootleg LP now available from AJNA and Wolf Wear.Copies for the European Wolf Wear will arrive in a week or two.

Posted by WATAIN on Friday, September 11, 2015

Black Breath‘s new album, Slaves beyond death, and reviewed here last week, is streaming.

Kylesa‘s new album, Exhausting fire, is also streaming in its entirety.

Loma Prieta‘s new album, Self portrait, is streaming via Spin.

Deafheaven‘s New bermuda is streaming <a href="http://« >via NPR. The album will be out on October 2nd.
Live shows

Twitching Tongues‘ set at This is Hardcore was filmed by Hate5Six.

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) covered Prince on a radio show.

Music videos

If you were somewhat afraid that Abbath‘s new project after Immortal would be different from what he used to, here is the video to reassure you.

The Black Queen, Greg Pucciato‘s new band with members of Telefon Tel Aviv have a new music video.

UK Sludge band, Hang the Bastard, and ex hardcore band, have a new video in support of their first album for SOAR/Century Media.

Cryptopsy are back with a new EP and a new video and the result sounds very convincing.

Ken Mode has a new video for These tight jeans.

Defeater has a new music video.


Metal Hammer asked Abbath to pose for several silly pictures on his recent trip in London.

To the surprise of no one, Motorhead is releasing its own Whisky. Although it is surprising that the band has not done first, it’s probably a sign that the band will not be touring as much and needs to diversify their means of income. The whisky will be made available from October 1st in partnership with swedish distillery Mackmyra.

Rob Zombie and actress Mila Kunis are co-producing an horror comedy show called Trapped.

Oh my god, but why?!

Crazy Town too has a new video.


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