[Albums] Of Feather and Bone – Embrace the wretched flesh


Like Axis or Bone Dance, Of Feather and Bone hasn’t forgotten what 90’s metalcore was all about. Technically proficient musician pushing the boundaries of the genre without losing its feeling while playing chaotic and high energy music. Now, Embrace the wretched flesh is not a complete return to the glory days of Deadguy since musical recording are now much more efficient to hide or to pretend any musician is an expert. Little default that made early recordings of the genre are no longer as easy to leave on a record. The same goes for the sound of the instrument. Any hardcore record now sounds like two to three guitar players are pushing their amps to the maximum whereas their was a more live feeling to the albums of the 90s. Still, it does not mean that these changes are making the records better or worse, they are just product of their time.

Despite being very well recorded and produced with a compressed sound, Of Feather and Bone play a sort of burly metalcore mixed with some darker tones similar to the ones of Gaza (Proclaim of hate). However, the trio does not slow down for a minute and prefer to kick things consistently with a hard hitting fast hardcore mixed with short blasting. There are also times when the chaos of their music recalls the early days of Converge (Ordained in fire) with its hyper fast Slayer riffing.

Also like Converge back in the 90s, Of Feather and Bone pulls out a lot of powerful and danceable mosh part. This is not an intellectual beatdown album like Code Orange‘s I am king but an effective of current and past metalcore played with the necessary dose of anger. Ten songs for 23 minutes of music played with by a convincing group of musicians who have just pulled out a perfect calling card after some, already excellent, EP.

Embrace the wretched flesh is available on CD and vinyl via Merch now and streaming via Bandcamp and via Spotify


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