[Albums] Black Breath – Slaves beyond death


In 2015, Entombed has replaced Slayer in the heart of the mosher as proven by the growing number of albums produced with a Sunlight style production (Entombed and Dismember‘s favorite studio in their early days). Jeff Hanneman‘s poster have been replaced by ones of Uffe Cederlund and multiples effect pedals have been bought to get the same crunch.

After two perfect albums, Heavy breathing and Sentenced to life, the band is back with a third album that sounds a bit different

This style and this technique, Black Breath learned it by heart to repeat it perfectly on their first two albums and have subsequently become the best representative of the swedish sound in the United states. Now, after two perfect albums, Heavy breathing and Sentenced to life, the band is back with a third album that sounds a bit different. The crust tempo has disappeared to make way for slower songs with a more metal edge. However, the guitar sound is still buzzing and the album still sounds as if Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) had produced it, and even written it.

Riffs are aplenty since songs are much longer and more epic. With only eight tracks, Slaves beyond death totals almost fifty minutes whereas the previous disc were around fourteen and thirteen minutes for a total of ten tracks! No reason to get bored still because the number of monumental riffs per minute is just mind blowing. Vocal wise, it’s a vocal chord shredding affair behind the mic but the result is slightly deeper. A more metal tone.

The tempo has also been slowed down and goes even close to the one of a ballad on the intro to Seed of cain. On the last track, Chains of the afterlife, the guitarists even seem to channel the spirit of Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains)! The songs can still go faster by moment but there is much more variety than the constant d-beat of the first two albums. It has to be said that the band seemed to struggle live to replicate the faster rhythm of Sentenced to life., despite the excellent quality of the songs. This small change gives more room to the drummer to showcase his ability. A proof that the man is back on his feet after the car accident he was involved in at the beginning of 2014.

Slaves beyond death goes beyond expectations

There is no more hardcore elements in Black Breath‘s music but nobody could miss that when we got so much in exchange. Dozens of leads appear everywhere and bring the album to metal heaven. Songs go by and each songs seems better than the previous one. Slaves beyond death goes beyond expectations. An album that needs to be listened to again and again to memorize every riffs but that you will not get bored of listening to every day. Despite being inspired by giants, Slaves can rest firmly next to Clandestine and Like an ever flowing stream.

Slaves beyond death is available on vinyl and CD via Southern Lord


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