News of the week – John Carpenter lives again


Martin « Kiddie » Kearns, Bolt Thrower‘s drummer, passed away on Monday 14th. He was 38.

Ilsa announced their signature to Relapse Records for a new album and a split with Coffins.

A new Grave song is out from their upcoming Out of respect for the dead via Century Media.

A new song by Pantopicon is streaming via bandcamp. The album Autumn eternal is on pre-order on CD before its release on 16th October.

Vision of Disorder‘s new album will be called Razed to the ground and will be out on Candlelight on November 13th.

A new Yautja song is streaming from their upcoming EP Songs of lament scheduled for the 13th October via Forcefield Records


Extreme Noise Terror has announced the release of a new self-titled album on November 5th via Willowtip Records.

Jungle Rot recorded a cover of Hallows eve for the November issue of Decibel Magazine.

A remix of John Carpenter by Prurient is streaming here.

Chain Gang Grave will release a new EP called Bury them and keep quiet. A song is streaming via Noisey.
CGG cover

Corrections House Know how to carry a whip with their new song. Their new album will be out on October 23rd via Neurot.

Deafheaven‘s New bermuda is coming on the 2nd October but here is already a new song.

Full of Hell are planing to release a new 7″ called Amber mote in the black vault in November via Bad Teeth Recording. The 7″ will include a cover of The Melvins‘ Oven taken from Ozma.

Two songs from Thaw are streaming from St Phenome Alley and will be released via Unquiet records on tape.

Sofy Major has a new song streaming via Noisey. Their album called Waste is scheduled for 30th October via Solar flare Records.

Bottomfeeder has announced their signature to Good Fight Music. Their EP called II this winter.

Sympathic is the title of the new Cult Leader song from Lightless walk out via Deathwish on October 16th.

A new Cult of Occult song is streaming before the release of Five degrees of insanity on October 15th via Deadlight Entertainment on CD. Vendetta will take care of the vinyl in January.

Southern Lord has announced the release of a new 7″ by legendary west coast punk rockers Battalion of Saints. The EP will be out in October.

Exhausting fire, Kylesa‘s new album, is out on 2nd October but a new song is now streaming.

For fans of metallic hardcore, UKHC Unholy Majesty‘s album is streaming via Bandcamp.

No Tolerance‘s new album is also streaming via Bandcamp before it’s release on the 17th October.

Live shows

Grave and Malevolent Creation will tour Europe in December. A show in London is scheduled for the 9th December at the Underworld and then in Paris on the 10th at Glazart.

Turnstile and Forced Order will be in Europe together and play in Paris at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on the 28th November and in London at the Dome on the 30th November.

The Black Dahlia Murder and Benighted are planing to be in Europe in January with two shows in a row planed in London at the Underworld on the 22nd and 23rd January followed by a series of shows in France (but not Paris).

After their UK tour, Cancer Bats will be in the rest of Europe in February with some France shows lined up including one in the suburbs of Paris at Savigny le Temple in L’Empreinte on 4th February.

Code Orange (Kids) was at This is Hardcore and this is their set.

A full Godflesh show was filmed in Warsaw recently.

Music videos

Birds in Row have a new album called Personal war scheduled for October 30th via Deathwish. A new music video is already out.

The Black Dahlia Murder has a new album out so here is also their new video.

Sanctuary (ex. Nevermore) has a new video.

Uk Doomsters Ohhms have a new video.

Wavves have a new video out.

Fight Amp loves pixels.

Twitching Tongues have a double live video out.

Another new video for Behemoth is out.

Oh my god, why?!

Kittie has recorded a cover of David Bowie’s Space oddity for a tribute album. Listen, if you dare, on Amazon.


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