[Albums] Pissgrave – Suicide euphoria


After fifteen years of existence, Canada’s Revenge is getting more and more recognition with some very well received tours across the world lately. There aren’t that many great band in War metal, or at least one that many can agree are great, but Pissgrave is giving the old guard a run for their money on their debut album, without any dubious content (the overuse of the words intolerance, genocide or holocaust has always rubbed me the wrong way).

Looking at the cover you might be tempted to believe that Profound Lore is trying its hand in goregrind but this is more a raw black metal release than a grindcore one. However, Pissgrave do have a thing in common with goregrind in their use of pitched vocals. Still, despite the effect use on both voices, the words are somewhat more decipherable than in Cock and Ball Torture or Last Days of Humanity. Also, contrary to Revenge, the production is much less chaotic with every instrument standing at their normal place instead of putting the vocals and the drums in the front and the guitar and bass in the back. Suicide euphoria is still a very raw album thanks to the saw like texture of the guitar and bass, leaving behind them a trail of iron. The drums are pounding in the distance with some added delay but every hit feels natural and not forced.

With all the attention given to the texture rather transitions, Suicide euphoria stands out as a coherent mass of disgusting music rather than a collection of specific songs. No tracks stands out but none pulls the album down either. Basically, it all depends on how much you prefer atmosphere to songwriting, but in this case there is plenty to dig thanks to the uncompromising nature of the record and the obvious devotion the musician have to create such disgusting metal. From its name to its guitar tone, every element of Pissgrave‘s music is coherent. Suicide euphoria brings extreme metal back to its true nature. A music played to make people feel uneasy and that pushes the boundaries of decency. Thankfully, the band does it without any political content and just focus on the music.

Suicide euphoria is available on CD via Profound Lore and on streaming via Bandcamp and via Spotify


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