[Live Report] Homewrecker + Venom Prison @ Black Heart (London)


You can always trust A389 Records for quality metal hardcore bands and Homewrecker is no exception to the rule. With their sophomore album, Circle of death, they proved that they worshiped more than Integrity records and pulled a fantastic mix of violent hardcore and old school primitive Thrash in the vein of early Sepultura. I awaited the day they would finally come to Europe and now I was finally going to find out what these guys could do live.

Venom Prison

First, I have to apologize. In my review of their set at the Temples Festival, I quickly described Venom Prison as a clone of Walls of Jericho, mostly because their singer is a woman. That was very sexist of me, and also a bit inappropriate musically. Although they do sound more a metalic hardcore band Trustkill Records could sign in the late 90’s, a label Walls of Jericho was signed to, they also have a big death metal influence on top of their metallic hardcore riffs and they can bring the mosh with ease.

At the moment, I would say that their compositions sound more like a good riffs collection than songs, which does not really matter when you’re flexing your muscles and throwing kicks in the air, but the musicians have definitely the technical capacities to streamline all of their ideas into something more palatable to a larger audience than just people who want to prove they are the best ninjas out there.


The room is quite sparsely filled for the headliners but the ones who showed were in for a treat. With a setlist mostly made of songs from Circle of death (aside from Wreck from Worms and dirt, towards the end), Homewrecker offered exactly the kind of performance I wanted to see: Precise but barbaric. The drummer and the lead guitarist both pulled their best metal face during the whole show, playing with the kind of conviction associated generally with cutting wood in a forest and violently throwing an axe to the face of an enemy. The two other members of the bands looked way more normal in comparison but they still played well.

Sadly for the moshers of the room, most of Homewrecker‘s new material features a lot of blasting, which does not fit with throwing your fists and kicks around. Also regretful, the sound of the lead guitars was not powerful enough to be heard clearly, even when you were in front of the musician! Thankfully, the energy was still there to make up for it but it was still a bit frustrating to not experience a full on attack when Homewrecker‘s songs are very well crafted with a lot of dynamic transitions between parts thanks to these leads.

What the live show proved at least is that Homewrecker is now a much more original band and is also likely to confuse a lot of audience because of their ability to mix metal and hardcore influences in equal measures. Nonetheless, the few who were there at the beginning remained and clapped enough for the band to come back to do one more unscheduled songs (a real encore!). A fast but memorable show but a disappointing turnout for a fantastic band that deserves much, much, more. Hopefully next time they come back they will have a better sound and a larger audience to pulverize.


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