Shows in London for the week of 14th September 2015 – London, bringer of quality Doom

Until some technical problems that prevent me from getting good info about what small shows are happening in Paris, I will only limit myself to London shows for the foreseeable future.


A great bill for fans of distorsion. Crowhurst, a one man noise project from Los Angeles, meets Caïna, an ex . one man post black metal project from the UK, now playing with two other musicians, for a tour that brings them to the Unicorn. The two openers will also reflect the cultural melange with Warren Shoenbright representing the experimental side and Conjurer standing for the more metal side.

The show is free


The inventor of the black metal crab dance is back without his two companions from Immortal. The man may have lost the right to the name of the band he founded but he can still play the songs he wrote. Now continuing by himself with a full on solo carrier, he will also play some material from his side-project I. Plus, if it wasn’t enough for fans of this kind of black metal, the two openers are headliners on their own right, the irish doom cult of Primordial and the sludge of the englishmen from Conan.

Show is sold out


Ritual Production are celebrating the fifth year of existence in style at the Black Heart with a free show and a bill to please all fans of doom. Bong, 11Paranoias (ex. Ramesses, ex. Electric Wizard) and Ghold will all be there to perform but since it’s a free show with some important bands it is highly recommended to show up on time. No one want to be stuck in the back at the Black Heart when its filled to the brim. I once did and I don’t recommend it. Anyway, the door opens at 19:00 so be there, or be square, or go drink a beer and eat at the Black Heart, the chef rules.

The show is free

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