[Albums] Axis – Show your greed


Back in 1994, metalcore meant a different form of hardcore rather than a metal band with some mosh parts. Deadguy just released their first album, Converge was still in its infancy and a new breed of bands like Botch, Coalesce or Turmoil were popping up across the US. Fun times, but even if those times are over, some bands are willing to give some life to an old corpse. Enter Axis, a young band who has not forgotten about Turmoil and is ready to make this sort of chaotic hardcore live again.

Turmoil is a band that always stayed underground, never gaining any big recognition outside of the circles of moshers who enjoyed their take on Deadguy with some angular and groovy riffs powered by powerful and rigid drums. Therefore, it probably means that Axis will also experience difficulties finding fans, but I hope they won’t because as a fan of Turmoil, this record is like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Show your greed is like a lost album from the 90s

Axis pretty much sounds like Turmoil circa The Process of. The voice is the same, the guitar tone is the same riffs, the drums have the same feeling, Axis can be summed up as a Turmoil tribute band but they do it so well so that even members of Turmoil could be mistaken that this is not a new album from their own band. Show your greed has even the perfect length with ten songs in twenty five minutes. With some very heavy grooves, some stop start rhythm; a singer screaming at the top of his lungs and a lot of fantastic and chaotic mosh part, Show your greed is like a lost album from the 90s. If you miss that era or wish that you were around at that time, here is your chance.

Show your greed is available on CD, cassette (but the vinyl is sold out) via Merch now and on streaming via Bandcamp and via Spotify


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