News of the Week – Return of the ugly kid


Backstage is a documentary about life on the road from the musician’s perspective. Interviews with members of Converge, Neurosis, High on Fire, Kylesa and Baroness are featured.

Unearthly Trance will be doing a short tour in the US with Buried at Sea. Fans of sludge might remember the latter band for their first EP, a crushing slab of suffocating heaviness, and the disappointment felt when the follow up was a toned down postcore record. Hopefully their return will bring some goodness for fans of the first rather than the second.

French hardcore band Lodges have released a new song from their album See god and a new song is streaming featuring Julien from Cowards.

Slayer is offering a new song off Repentless before it’s 11th September release.

Another new Of Feather and Bone song is online from Embrace the wretched flesh.

Several new Ehnahre song are now streaming. Listen if you’re into weird and disorienting creepy metal.

Monster Magnet has released another re-worked version of a song from Mastermind. The new version will be out on October 9th.

A new Windhand song is here from Grief’s infernal flower, out on Relapse on September 18th.

Kowloon Walled City has released a new song from Grievances and it’s online via The PRP. The album will be out on October 9th via Neurot Recording and Gilea Media for the vinyl.

Metal sucks is streaming the remastered version of Pig Destroyer‘s Prowler in the yard.

Planks’ last album, Perished bodies, is now streaming via Cvlt nation.

Crowbar are working on a new album.

Also, according to their singer, Oathbreaker has already started writing new songs. However, don’t expect the album to appear before a year.

Seven Sisters of Sleep have signed to Relapse Record. The band has released two excellent album, and two split EP with Children of God and Ilsa, on A389 Records.

Music videos

At the Gates have release a new one.

Exalt has just released a new video and signed to Good Fight. Check it out if you’re a fan of Cancer Bats.


Nightbringer and Lychgate will play in London at Nambucca on 20th November and in Paris on the 25th of November at a place to be determined. Other shows in Europe have been announced.

Cancer Bats will already be back in the UK in January from the 11th to the 28th.

Faith no More performed two songs for Jimmy Kimmel.


Ugly Kid Joe is back… who would have thunk it?


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