News of the week – Can you tell what Nancy Reagan is brewing?


Sony Music has bought Century Media. It seems the label is not destined, yet, to be absorbed like Roadrunner ended up being which put an end to any relevancy the label’s logo still had.

Some extracts from the upcoming album by Hooded Menace are available. The record titled Darkness drips forth will be available on the 30th October via Relapse Records. Several pre-orders options are already available.

If you enjoyed Iron Maiden‘s latest video you can play the video game that was shown in it on the band’s official website.

French black metal band The Great Old Ones are now working on their third album.

Call of the Void has finished recording their new EP Are you fucking kidding me?

Baroness has finally put out a new song but it’s even mellower than their previous material. The album will be called Purple on their own label, Abrawan hymns on December 18th.

Strife has a new song from their EP Incision streaming on Alternative Press. The EP will be out on September 4th via War Records.

Aevanglist‘s fourth album, Enthrall to the void of bliss, will be available via 20 Buck Spin on October 23rd. The band has also announced last month a split with Blut Aus Nord via Debemur Morti Productions.

A song from H2O’s new album Use your voice is streaming via Noisey. The album will be out via Bridge nine on October 9th.

In order to make us wait for their new album, Darkness forgives, out on October 23rd via Topshelf Records, The Saddest Landscape is putting out a 7″ and a song is available via The AV Club.

Converge has finally completed the follow up to their live video collection with Thousands of miles between us. Several versions of the Blu ray are available and the artwork was done by famous tattooist Thomas Hooper.

Correction House‘s next album will be called Know how to carry a whip and will be out on Neurot Recording on October 23rd.

Saviours‘ new album is called Palace of vision and you can listen to a song via The PRP before its release on October 30th via Listenable Records.

Abigail Williams will have their new album The accuser out on October 30th via Candlelight Records. Cover art was done by Stevie Floyd Sorceron.

Ramming Speed‘s new album No epitaph is now streaming in full.

Defeater is streaming it’s new album Contrition. It’s solid but the last two songs (hopefully just bonuses and not part of the normal version) are cringe worthy as hell.

Music video

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have a new one out.


Iron Reagan are working with Strangeway brewing to release their own beer called Just say go.

Twitching Tongues‘ new video is really full of clichés but those riffs are just too good. I really wasn’t into their previous album but if that’s an indication of the new material, I might jump back on ship.

Oh God no, why?!

Crazy Town has put their new album up in full on youtube.


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