News of the week – Pants in the summer time


Deafheaven‘s new song taken from New bermuda is now streaming before the album’s release on October 2nd.

This made my week, Black Breath finally released a new song from their upcoming, and very anticipated, album Slaves beyond death, and it’s truly as great as I expected.

A new Deftones album should be out towards the end of November.

If, like me, you miss Turmoil and 90s hardcore, you can finally shed those tears of sorrow and replace them with tears of joy as Axis is here. Their first full length, Show your greed, will be released on September 4th via Good Fight and it looks like it’s going to be a very strong one.

Fans of crusty thrash rejoice, Ramming Speed has put a new song online from their upcoming album No epitapth scheduled for September 4th via Prosthetic Records.

Another new Of Feather and Bones track is online from the much anticipated (by me) new album Embrace the wretched flesh scheduled for September 18th via Relapse Records.

So Hideous will please fans of post rock and black metal with it’s new release on Prosthetic Records under the title of Laurestine. The album will be released on October 16th.

Abigail Williams has finally finished recording their new album. It’s the first time I have been waiting for a release from this band but it features now ex members of Nachtmystium and Indian. Two new songs were put online earlier this year including one featuring Neill Jameson from Krieg.

A new EP from excellent death grinder Yautja (think Gorguts meets Brutal Truth) will be released on October 13th under the title Songs of lament. The band will be soon touring with Maruta.

If you are looking for some good moshable hardcore in the vein of Xibalba with more sludge influence, try Jesus Piece‘s new EP.

New Ten Ton Hammer songs are being mastered by Audiosiege (Nails, Oathbreaker) at the moment but check out these two songs in the meantime.

If you miss Ion Dissonance and other chaotic metalcore bands, check out this new song from Frontierer. Their upcoming album Orange mathematics is being mastered by Audiosiege.

Jacob Bannon (Converge) will enter the studio to record music for his project Wear Your Wounds with Mike « Gunface » McKenzie (The Red Chord), Adam McGrath (Cave In), Ryan Parker (Supermachiner, another Bannon project) and Alex Garcia Rivera (American Nightmare). Sounds interesting!

The living ever mourn is the title of Nightfell‘s new album scheduled via 20 Buck Spin for September 11th and a new song is now streaming.

Cult Leader (ex. Gaza) has released a new song from Lightless walk before it’s October 16th release via Deathwish Inc.

Loma Prieta has put a new song online from Self portrait. The album will be out on most format on October 2nd and on vinyl on November 13th, all of them via Deathwish Inc.

The next Gorguts release will be a 20 plus minute long song.

Finnish death doomers Swallow the Sun are planning to release a triple album.

A new song from This Gift is a Curse is finally online for fans of blackened postcore. All hail the swinelord will be out on October 16th via Season of Mist.

The Black Dahlia Murder continues to provide some satisfying death metal with this new song off Abysmal scheduled for September 18th via Metal Blade. Band singer Trevor Strnad provided Metal Injection with a list of the best death metal release of the year so far. Excellent reading if you’re into the bloody and brutal kind of death metal.

Kylesa has a new song out from Exhausting fire scheduled for October 2nd via Season of Mist.

C R O W N‘s new album, Natron, is now streaming in full and it comes highly recommended to people who like their genres of metal to cross over without loosing their essence.

Fuck the Facts is streaming their new album, Desire will rot, just before it’s August 25th release date.

Ahab‘s new album is now streaming via Cvlt Nation for fans of funeral doom.

Pentagram‘s new album, Curious volume, is streaming via the PRP.

Blistered new album, The poison of self confinement, is now available through 6131 Records and streaming in full.

Music videos

The Black Queen (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Telefon Tel Aviv) has a new music video.


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