News of the week – Return of the superjoint


If you are a fan of crust and screamo, you’re in luck since Jungbluth (ex. Alpinist) has just released on pay as you want, a new album called Lovecult.

White Jazz (ex. Rise and Fall) and Lies (The Hope Conspiracy) will release a split together via Deathwish on October 30th. Since I was wondering lately what the guys in the Hope Con were doing while their singer was playing in All Pigs Must Die, here is a satisfying answer.

Dave Witte (Discordance Axis, Municipal Waste…) has united with Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) and Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul) under the name Brain Tentacles which just signed to Relapse Records.

The two remaining members of Immortal have won the name and intend to use it. They intend to release a new album and I intend to not care too much about it considering Abbath was the main man behind the riffs.

Strife has a new song out featuring both Ringworm‘s vocalist and an ex guitar player from Integrity. The song is off their new EP called Incision.

A new song from The Sword is streaming from their upcoming album High country scheduled via Razor and Tie on August 21st.

Fuck the Fact is streaming a new song from Desire will rot before the album’s release on August 25th.

Nile‘s new song is surprisingly boring but you can still listen to it. What should not be unearthed will be out on August 28th via Nuclear Blast.

Myrkur is streaming her new album, M, out soon via Relapse Records.

For those that still care, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) has a new solo song.


The Temples Fest has announced the first part of it’s bill for it’s 2016 edition and it looks like it’s going to be another winner.

If you live in London or around, here is a perfect way to celebrate the new year. Monarch! and Birushanah will play together for free at the Unicorn with Undersmile, Ghold and Torpor on the 31st of December.

High on Fire will once again play in Europe in November with several shows in the UK, including one at Scala on the 12th and then in Paris on the 19th at the Divan du Monde. Last time at the Underworld was a bit disappointing because the vocals weren’t high enough in the mix so I’m hoping a larger room will benefit them.

If you are wondering how Superjoint Ritual (Phil Anselmo, EyeHateGod) sound nowadays here is a video to answer your question.

Music videos

Retro and Iron Maiden are two things that go well together so it’s no surprise that their new music video features some retro gaming element.

Oh my god, why?!

Last week, Evan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch, ex Motograter) was accused of domestic violence. A serious accusation but one that was thankfully wrong since… he is not even married, and never met the person who is accusing him.

Witness the birth of Ned Flanders metal with Okilly Dokilly.


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