News of the Week – Slayer in the museum


Noisy screamo legends Loma Prieta have a new song from their upcoming album called Self portrait and scheduled for October 2nd via Deathwish.

Rise Records, previously the home of awful crabcore bands, is moving into proper hardcore/punk rock by signing B’last. Dave Grohl (ex. Nirvana, Foo Fighters) plays drums on the new EP and Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag) plays bass.

Raging Speedhorn is trying to crowdfund their new album. For once, that’s a tempting endeavor considering how great their first two album still are for fans of sludge and hardcore.

Promising metal and hardcore band Of Feather and Bone… have a new song out from Embrace the wretched flesh out on September 18th via Good Fight.

A song from germany’s Planks is streaming via Cvlt nation before their album’s release, Perished bodies, via Creative Eclipses.


On the same label, the excellent Axis has a new song streaming from Show your greed schedule for September 4th.

Myrkur has a new song from M featuring ex Arch Enemy‘s Christopher Amott on guitar before the album’s release on Relapse on August 21st.

Cult Leader‘s (ex. Gaza) first album will come out on October 16th via Deathwish under the name Lightless walk.

Genocide Pact‘s new EP is streaming via A389 Records’ bandcamp page.

Scene Point Blank is streaming the new Crown of Thornz EP.

Cattle Decapitation‘s new album, the Anthropocene extinction, is now streaming via The PRP.

Music videos

The very anticipated new album by Windhand has a music video.

Firespawn, the new band featuring members of Entombed AD and Necrophobic, has released it’s new video.

Defeater has a new music video with some live footage.

To stay in the same vein, Piano Become the Teeth has also a new video.


Bill Kelliher is the subject of a documentary for which here is the trailer.

Slayer has been inducted into the National Institute of American History.

Now that news of the brutal beatdown inflicted, in part, by Suburban Scum‘s singer on Crosscheck‘s drummer Tom Alderson, the band has released a statement about the matter, but excluding their singer.


Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Autopsy, Demilich and Dropdead, among others, will play at the first edition of the Netherland Deathfest.

Full of Hell will play with Famine and Employed to Serve for free in London on September 23rd.

Bane will come back to the UK with Code Orange (Kids) and Wolf Down. They will also play in France but minus Code Orange but with Backtrack instead.

Oh my god, why?!

Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) claims to be the godfather of nu metal (ok, not really) and dishes the dirt on what happened on some of the band’s most laughed at releases.

Motograter has felt the need to film a new music video. If you feel you know a lot about nu metal and still don’t know that band, don’t worry, there is a reason…

You wish you forgot about them, but they’re back.


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